New Splatoon 3 band "Front Roe" makes their debut

Be sure to get a good SEAt!

28 May 2022
by quence 2

One of the most iconic aspects of the Splatoon series is its music, and Splatoon 3 isn’t looking to disappoint. A brand new in-universe band called Front Roe has been introduced via the official Splatoon Twitter account. Their first single is called “Sea Me Now” and you can hear a snippet of it via the video above.

The official word from Nintendo is that this track “wails”, and I would have to agree with that assessment. See below for the official tweet with more band details, and stay tuned as we get more glimpses of the sights and sounds coming in Splatoon 3!

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Comments (2)


2y ago

Looks like it's Splatoon 2's Squid Squad with one member swapped.

Either the characters themselves are based on the real-life recording performers of the music, or someone really loves making up fictional bands and their fictional careers.


1+ y ago

Its actually Splatoon 1's Squid Squad minus Ikkan, who became the second member of disspair in splatoon 2 and now in Splatoon 3 we see what's left of Squid squad adopt one new member and become Front Roe