Switch firmware updated to Version 14.1.2

Get ready for more "stability improvements"

14 June 2022
by camcritiques 2

Nintendo has updated the Switch to Ver. 14.1.2. Here are the official patch notes from Nintendo.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

If you want some more info, we have the unofficial patch notes courtesy of OatmealDome.

  • The following internal OS components have been updated: bus, Bluetooth, package2. (bug fixes?)
  • A misspelled version of Adolf Hitler’s name (“hdolfaitler”) was added to the bad words list for all languages.

Yeah, not a huge update all in all. Still, you can download it onto your console right now to get a slightly improved Switch experience.

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Comments (2)


2y ago

These are necessary to prevent it turning into a Wobbly Witch.


2y ago

My joycons have been wobbling a little bit when attached to the Switch, so this will surely firm them up! Thanks Nintendo!