Over on Twitter, Nintendo have announced via their customer support page that support for the Nintendo Switch Online app on iOS versions 13 and earlier will be dropped later this summer. Below are the tweet and a rough translation:

We plan to update the “Nintendo Switch Online” application for iOS around the summer of 2022. This update will change the operating environment to “iOS version 14.0 or later”.

Please note that the app will not be available on devices with “iOS version 13 or earlier”.

It’s unclear why exactly this is, and no equivalent restrictions are announced for Android as of the writing of this article. We’ll keep you updated. For now, if you’re an iPhone user who’s been holding on to an old phone, it may be time to think about upgrading to a new device.

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2y ago

This news is going to rock someone’s world. No one I know, and no one I can imagine. But somewhere, someplace, there’s a gamer out there who will be devastated by this.