Unexpectedly, a brand new version of the original Game Boy has been created! The model in question was put together by English artist Obirux, by combining two previously existing Game Boys. The final product is fully compatible with original Game Boy cartridges, but now has a new look and a more comfortable feel, mimicking the landscape orientation of the Game Boy Advance.

In addition to the new form factor, this special Game Boy has couple of other bells and whistles too. A back-lit screen means you’ll never need to reach for a wormlight to play in the dark. It also has a toggle so that you can play with different screen filters active: original Game Boy style green, black and white, as well as a few other tint options.


All in all, handheld Game Boy games have probably never looked or felt better than on this device! Unfortunately, this isn’t something that will ever be available to the public. You’ll have to try to build one on your own, or just enjoy the videos and images we’ve got. You can follow Obirux at his web site for more info and updates on future projects.

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2y ago

That's lovely! Nintendo should make something like this along the lines of the Classic Mini series. I love stuff like this. I watched Spawn Wave going back a couple of months turn a broken DS Lite into a dedicated GBA. I wouldn't have the confidence to give it a go myself, never mind something like this.


2y ago

That's REALLY cool. I'd love to own something like that. I'd prefer the Start and Select buttons be on the right side, but given that the speaker is there, I understand why they're on the left.


2y ago

Damn that's beautiful...