Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 was recently unveiled at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary celebration, and details about this remaster have been pouring in ever since. A new interview with the game’s executive producer Yoshinori Kitase sheds some light on the inspiration behind making the game, and why they felt it was important for it to come out now. According to Kitase, a major reason was to help newer fans who may have played Final Fantasy VII Remake but didn’t get the chance to play the original Crisis Core. In particular, he thought they would be interested in learning more about the character of Zack.

“If you played Remake, or the original, you’ll probably know that Zack is in the first Remake game where he doesn’t appear at that point in the story in the original Final Fantasy 7. So he’s featured more than he was. We thought that people who were starting the story there would really want to know more about this character.”

“There are obviously gaps between the main titles - there are three years I think in the end between Remake Part One and Rebirth - so in order to give the fans opportunities to see more Final Fantasy 7 and experience the universe again in those gaps, we wanted to have some more games in there,”

The original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997, while Crisis Core came out a decade after in 2007. We’re pretty far removed from those releases at this point, so it stands to reason that there are a lot of new fans who are hungry for more titles in this universe. It’s also worth pointing out that Crisis Core was a PSP exclusive, which means that its audience has been fairly limited up to now. The development team seems to be aware of this fact, hoping to include as many players as possible with the new version.

“There’s no real requirement that we have to align with the Remake series,” says Kitase. “It’s not decided on a series basis, it’s basically each individual title will be assessed for which we think the best platform and the best audience for it will be.”

“We wanted to expand [the audience] and allow as many people as possible around the world to play this game on whatever platforms they have,” says Kitase.

There’s a lot more to dig into in regards to this Crisis Core remaster, including the updated graphics, and lots of details and discussion revolving around the game’s updated combat system. For all those details and more, check out the full interview with Yoshinori Kitase over at Eurogamer. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 - Reunion releases on Nintendo Switch sometime this winter.

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2y ago

A friend of mine is interested in Zack's story after playing the remake but not enough to buy another game for it.