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Infinity Ward on the pressure of making a new Call of Duty, Treyarch handling Ghosts on Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
30 August 2013
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Coming from an EDGE interview with Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin...

“Yeah, there is a lot of pressure there. It would, in a sense, just be easier for us to go just make a brand new game that isn’t Call Of Duty, that doesn’t have any limitations. That would be the easy way out.

It’s actually much harder to know that you have something that’s very important to a lot of people, and a formula that people really love as it is. To change that every year is something that’s a huge challenge for us internally, but it drives a lot of our passion. We end up becoming our own biggest critics – when we ship, we postmortem what we did right and what we did wrong. We really tear it apart. That drives us to keep going on the franchise, and not take the easy way out, in a sense.”

In the interview it was also confirmed that Treyarch is handling the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, as they have experience with Nintendo platforms.