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Club Nintendo (NA) - Donkey Kong posters available

by nintendaan
09 January 2014
GN Version 4.0

This poster series features 3 posters with original artwork designed exclusively for Club Nintendo members. "Donkey Kong's History" follows the evolution of Donkey Kong from the original arcade game in 1981 through Donkey Kong CountryTM Returns for the WiiTM console in 2010. "Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong" features Donkey Kong and Diddy KongTM in a lush tropical jungle setting. "Donkey Kong NES" features retro graphics from the 1983 Donkey Kong game for the Nintendo Entertainment SystemTM.

• 3 posters ship together as a set, within a poster tube
• Each poster measures 22" x 28"

Games referenced in "Donkey Kong's History" poster are rated Everyone by the ESRB.