Hideo Baba on more Tales of for 3DS, Mario being his favorite game

A portion of a JPGames interview iwth Hideo Baba...

JPGAMES.DE: Can we expect new Tales of games for the 3DS, Vita or Xbox 360 or will the series stay on one platform?

Hideo Baba: When so many consoles exist, this means the development team has such a wide range of possibilities, but regarding the Tales of fans, most of them own a PS3 or a Vita. And thus the team is bound on this hardware. But I understand that there are so many various consoles on the market and it could be possible to release a Tales of game on other consoles.

JPGAMES.DE: What is your favorite game?

Hideo Baba: There are way to many games that I really like and so, like a lot of other video gamers, I cannot decide which one I like the most. But, as an example, I can take Super Mario Bros. I loved it as a student, although I hate mushrooms and it was very shocking that the hero eats mushrooms and gains new powers from them. Also, I was very confused that he could eat flowers that made him throw fire.

Full interview here


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