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- Vocaloid Iwata is introducing us to the game, haha! Moving over to Polygon Iwata.
- Control options in this music game include button play and using the touchscreen as guitar or drums. Introducing us to various instruments.
- The game can be enjoyed over local and online play. In multiplayer, up to 10 people can join the party.
- A song can have a max 10 instruments, but also another slew of Vocaloid artists to give it all more color.
- Like previously mentioned, you can make a vocaloid singer to represent yourself in the venture. This will allow you to simulate singing and play another special touchscreen version.
- The SD card can save up to 3000 songs and you use tomatoes to download additional songs. You get 100 free with your copy and for additional ones, you have to pay it seems.
- Just like the previous game, there are radio studios which you can listen to fav or popular songs in the online community. Genres now as well.
- 2000 songs from the Daigasso! Band Brothers DX version will be available to download from day one.
- Up to January 31, it is possible to import songs you have created from the Band Brothers Deluxe version, which was released on the Nintendo DS. Does require some information though.
- Songs and their performances can be uploaded to YouTube, so that people with portable devices can look at them.
- Circling through the four featured artists and they are giving their thoughts on joining forces with Nintendo. They seem excited about it.

Visit the official website for more details and music samples of the highlighted songs!


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