Unconfirmed figures put Splatoon's Japanese sell-through rate at over 90%

Nintendo sent out a tweet apologizing to their Japanese customers over the lack of Splatoon copies at retail. Seems like the game certainly took off at launch, but just how well did it do? Here are some unconfirmed numbers on the launch week sales.

- over 90% of the initial shipment sold
- roughly 150,000 copies at launch

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I guess that's good, but gotta wonder how low Nintendo's expectations were in the home country. Hopefully it's doing well in the US. Going to get it in a few weeks as a fathers Day/birthday day gift.

I'll be picking the game up tomorrow. I'm super excited for it!

I honestly don't blame them for underestimating it because 1. shooters have never really had any long term appeal in Japan and 2. this is probably the most excited people have been for a new Nintendo IP since the launch of the Wii, and that was almost a decade ago. I'm very happy that this is turning into a bit of a run away success because most people's reactions to new Nintendo IPs are typically luke warm at best.


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