Devil's Third disappears from future releases section of eShop

Well, now I'm officially worried about this title. Devil's Third had been in the 'future releases' section of the Wii U eShop for quite some time. While the E3 silence was bad enough, now we're seeing that the game isn't even listed in that section anymore. With that said, the hub page is still available on Nintendo.com. I wish we could get someone to tell us what's going on!

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That's a bit of a bummer. I was actually pretty interested in this. Of course, with so few Wii U titles in the future, I'm at least interested in most... Hope this isn't a serious indication of cancellation.

It's been cancelled for North America. No way all this silence and removal doesn't point towards that conclusion.

Yeah, the game has most likely been cancelled for us. I wasn't interested in it myself, but it really sucks for those who were.

That's pretty stupid. It was probably going to get most of its sales in the US, there will be very few people playing it online now.

Welp, that more or less confirms it.

Take this for what it's worth, which is a quantum more than nothing, but my gut tells me there's more going on than NoA simply deciding not to localize the game. What that might be I have no idea, so perhaps it's worth exactly nothing after all.

Maybe the game has just undergone dramatic changes since we saw it last?

I don think it was simply cancelled, as the game looked pretty far into development and Nintendo themselves was funding the game. I'm just wondering what the deal is. Itagaki himself said recently that it's still coming out.

The game certainly isn't canceled; it has release dates in August for Japan, Europe, and Australia. The question is what is going on in America, and every tiny bit I know suggests there's something more going on than just NoA believing the game will cost more to release than it will earn in sales, which theoretically is the only criterion for releasing a game or not.

I will wait for official statements because I refuse to get caught up in drama.

This is twisted. You don't release information on the release date of the game for Japan, Europe, and Australia and then just ignore America like we don't exist. And then refuse to make any comments at all. Of course we are going to want to know what is going on. I mean damn it say something. If the game is canceled for America just say it. If it is still coming but you don't have an exact release date then say that. Just tell us what is going on FFS!

I'm guessing it's being held back for an early 2016 release to help make 2016 not completely and utterly anemic for Wii U. Otherwise I have no idea what's going on, though I rarely do with NOA these days.

The focus is still on Wii U, we just aren't making any more games for it.

I think it's funny people trying to find why NoA won't release this game here....

C'mon, it's freakin' NoA, it's freakin' Reggie, they the WORST division of Nintendo of all freakin' time. That's just one more stupid decision from the hundreds of stupid decisions they make every day.

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Wanted to put this here as well, since there's a lot of discussion about the fate of Devil's Third in the US. In a recent press release, Scott Moffit specifically said that Nintendo still had 8 new Wii U games for the rest of this year (presumably he meant in the US since he's from NoA), so doesn't that have to include Devil's Third?

  1. Super Mario Maker
  2. Yoshi's Woolly World
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles X
  4. Star Fox Zero
  5. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
  6. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
  7. Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven

That's 7! Unless anyone can think of anything else (and no I don't think Project Guard or Project Giant Robot will be on that list since we haven't heard anything else about them) it looks like Scott Moffat at least thinks that Devil's Third is coming out in the US this year!

Also, I'm pretty sure that Rodea isn't being published by Nintendo, so that wouldn't count either.

So... um... I don't wanna say anything until we're done with the report, but we've been doing a lot of digging at NE about this game and we think a weird thing is going on. Can't say more right now, but we have had several sources talk to us about the game and...

Just keep your eyes peeled. Shawn has been talking to a lot of people in "the know."

Weird as in interesting and eyebrow raising, or weird as in fearing a release?

Shawn's tweets are a big reason I think there's more to the story. I look forward to reading what you've found.

Sorry for logic, but here it comes:

1.The game has online features. So not letting America hav the game at the same time as us (Europe) and Japan seems pure stupid.

2: It's a very America-friendly game.

3: Nintendo is sponsoring it.

Yes I know that the Wii U is not selling very good. but the more exclusives the better. You know what I am hinting at ;)

Well that doesn't sound like good news. I hope they still release it in America, even if that means the game getting delayed into 2016 so that Wii U has something other than J-Pop Fire Emblem.

very bad Nintendo. i really wanted the game.


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