RUMOR - Real or fake? Is there a Tingle costume in Super Mario Maker? (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Looks like this is the real deal, as the Miiverse post has been found. Thanks to all that sent this in!

Which side of the argument are you going to be on? People around the web are trying to figure out if the image above is the real deal or not. We haven't heard anything about Tingle being a Mario costume in Super Mario Maker, but now this image is making people scratch their heads. I'm thinking it's fake, but I suck at guessing! Thanks to Overkill for the heads up.

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I hope is that this means there is a Tingle Amiibo at the very least.

And maybe just maybe that Amiibo is a Smash Bros. themed one and he will be DLC despite already being an Assist Trophy.

Definitely fake. Fake I tells ya!

Tingle won the Smash Ballot confirmed!

Oh my goodness! How have I never considered this? Oh man, I hope Tingle does eventually make it into smash 4 through DLC!

It's easy to fake.

On the other hand, there are more costumes than there are amiibo, so it's not unrealistic.

I'm sure -:New:- MarioFan1 is a credible source. Totes.

Let me guess. It turns out to be fake, and the guy/girl who made this was just looking for attention. I hope I'm wrong, but recent leaks make "You thought it was real, but IT WAS ME, and here's how I faked that little 8-bit sprite!" sound less ridiculous than it should be...

"You thought it was real, but IT WAS ME DIO"*

Will there be a Zelda series of amiibo?

Zelda Wii U will surely start it off [as Pokken Wii U will for Pokemon], yes.

I'd love it Tingle was playable here, though!

it could be real, or it could not be real. this game is cool no matter what happens.

Has science gone too far?


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