Super Mario Maker - Splatoon, Kid Icarus amiibo costumes

Placed after the jump to avoid spoilers...

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Wait that's not the original Pit pixel...

Also, aren't these people going to be in problems for showing spoilers?

1. They're not spoilers, since their amiibo unlocks and Nintendo's promoting that to get people excited.

2. We're not even supposed to see these. It's a HIDDEN media/press Miiverse. People are showing them to OTHER media folk.

We're only seeing them because people follow press guys and found the community that way.

Thank you, I guess. (?)

why'd they change pit though?

Maybe the proportions didn't fit well with the hitbox. I suppose Samus's sprite will also be different.

I still really want these to be available in the SMBU version! Come on Nintendo.

...Kid Icarus? that's Pit, man!

Same to Splatoon/Inkling Girl.

Given the title, I was expecting to see the costumes of the six amiibo from both series (Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit, Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Squid), though.

Give RMC some slack. You'll forgive him once we shows the awesome Metroid Sprite. ^^

They should have made the costumes as big as with the super mushroom. They could have made better sprites and it would still be like a power up. They could even let you use the fire flower since it's only SMB1 style, it could just be a palette swap.


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