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RUMOR: Xenoblade Chronicles X to Release in Europe December 15?

by br26
19 August 2015
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This comes in from user raikrhythm:

Not sure if there's anything in this, but the EB Games Australia website has updated the "TBC" it had for the Xenoblade Chronicles X release date to "December 15"; Europe has only had "December" as a release window. We don't have a date yet. It's also worth noting that the graphics on the side of the page listing still say "TBC" as well.

It also strikes me as weird that it would release on a Tuesday. Not sure if you'd want to roll with this tip, but I just wanted to bring it up, just in case.

Seems like we might actually have a release date for Europe. Until Nintendo confirms, however, this should be treated as nothing more than a rumor!