RUMOR - XSEED unhappy with Nintendo over Devil's Third situation

Remember when we heard that Nintendo wasn't going to bring Devil's Third to the states due to quality issues? Remember the rumor of XSEED picking the game up for release in the states when Nintendo dropped it? All we know for sure is that Nintendo is indeed bringing the game stateside now. That situation beforehand, if true, would certainly be quite a messy one.

That's why it's no surprise we're hearing that XSEED is none too pleased with Nintendo swooping back in for the publishing rights. This info comes from ShockingAlberto, who has been privy to inside information in the past. We'll try to get comment from XSEED, but I'm thinking they won't be too forthcoming with the matter. Thanks to Anonymousfor the heads up.

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Wed Aug 26 15 05:22pm
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Considering the pile of crap they supposedly churned out...They really Nintendo was right to have quality issues with the title.

Ya'll didn't think screaming Nintendo back into publishing the game wasn't going to have consequences, did you?

so someone on Gaf claims to know stuff. Okie-dokey

Nintendo not playing well with other publishers? Impossible!

I'm sure it was well worth it...



Positive NeoGAF Nintendo news: Impossible, it's from Gaf! Take it with a grain of anything less than salt.

Negative NeoGAF Nintendo news: Absolutely and utterly true ALWAYS! Deny it and your just some shit-brained Nintendo apologist.

Sorry, not digging into this one cause we NEVER even got a confirmation that XSEED was going to even pick it up. Only that they are interested in doing so.

Maybe XSeed can publish a limited physical run of Fatal Frame 5. :P

There's a brilliant solution where everybody would win. You should be a hostage negotiator or marriage counselor.

and that my friends is why spamming NOA over a game that may or may not be good yet is a bad idea. The actions will have consequences, that's for sure unfortunately.

I don't know why people got upset at that. 1) Who cares who's publishing it as long as it gets published, and 2) it looked bad to begin with. I'm sure there's plenty of other games where you can wield swords and guns that looked more interesting. "Wet" (from the little I played) seemed cool, Deadpool does get repetitive but is at least funny, and for something actually on a Nintendo console (lol) Red Steel 2. Just get Red Steel 2 everyone.

If true: Of all the games that fans begged for localizations over the years, Nintendo decided to pick Devil's Third as the one time to listen? Even though it was going to be localized in NA anyway?

Good grief.

Is there anything else worth localizing though? (serious question) Nintendo seems to be on point with localizing the remaining games that matters on Wii U at least (Devils Third, Fatal Frame and Xenoblade Chonicles, all of which I'm actually looking for to getting).

I think if you gave the game gyro controls like Splatoon it would be much better!

So far the only good quality is the online multiplayer.


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