Club Nintendo Europe - Goodbye Coin now available

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glad to see at least one region got spoiled with goods before their club Nintendo went down

Europe always had such a nice CN. This is so cool and sad at the same time.

Sure, just throw more wood on the Jealousy Fire.

Wow gosh dang happy that I didn't buy a game with my last few points.

I really should never have spend my points for a game.

Meanwhile I was unable to redeem my digital game, the prices on everything dropped literally one day after I spent all my coins, and the stuff I ordered was all sent to an address i havent lived at in months, but was unable to change because i could no longer log into my nintendo account, could not mail them about it, and a phone call just led to my question being ignored and a stock reply being spit back at me.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I just used up all my stars... orz I could have gotten it...
I can't even download the game for some reason...

Thanks GoNintendo for the heads up. I've been saving my points waiting for something like this. I picked it up. I just checked the store just now, and it's out of stock. I'm glad I got one, and a great way to spend the last of my points: on a farewell item.


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