Nintendo again confirms that Nintendo Directs will continue, at least one coming in 2015

Here's the wonderful news you've all been waiting for. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has confirmed once again that Nintendo will be putting together Nintendo Direct presentations. Even better, Mr. Kimishima has confirmed that at least one of these directs will hit this year. Now we just have to try and guess the date!

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i hope it's a big one, put faith back into wii u and keep people happy. if they showed some zelda wii u people would flip in excitement. this pleases my excitement

Excellent news!

(I still have to know WHAT has caused that running gag of "This Pleases My xxxxx" in GoNintendo's first posts...)

From my understanding, a while ago there was one person (I want to say, LegendofSantiago?) who consistently made the first post on most of the top stories each week, and so would get their comments read on the Podcast, and each would usually end with "This pleases my nipples." It then morphed to "This pleases my [something clever related to the story']" and since he did it so often and it ended up on the Podcast, a lot of other people started doing it as well.

I always thought Casey44 kicked it off, he's usually the one I see doing it anyway haha

Nice piece of trivia. Thanks!

The gag was started by casey44 a couple of years ago. Legend of Santiago is a commenter from a few years ago who was just famous for getting the first post on most (if not all) top stories

I have to wonder if this is more of a hate-placating move than one they'll be fully into doing from here on out.

It looks like a lot of what they announce these days is more to weigh how much it'd cost to suppress this outrage or that outrage vs. how much it'd cost them in business or market share not to, rather than what Nintendo's creative teams actually want to do and how they want to present it to the audience.

Huh? It just means that Iwata died and out of respect they took a few months off from doing Directs. You are looking way to into things here.

This makes it sound like Iwata was the only one at Nintendo who actually liked doing Directs, though. Even if Kimishima doesn't end up hosting them himself, I don't see any indication that he doesn't care for them at all, and is only going on with them to placate people. I think they've just had a LOT of other stuff to deal with, since Iwata's passing.

This is awesome news, just wondering who are they going to get to Host it, considering the Iwata was such a big personality on them.

I think Satoru Shibata would be ideal, he speaks Japanese for their market and speaks pretty damn good English whenever he does the EU sections, plus, he's just so lovably cringe worthy whenever he tries some typical Japanese humor.

Either way, he imo is as close to Iwata we'll ever get.

Yeah that's a good choice, however I was going to respond to you earlier but I started to think maybe they need to choose someone outside the company, so I got thinking and realize they need someone who has a presence in the videogame community, and is known and happens to be incredibly good, and somewhat funny in his presentations, my suggestion is none other than Kevin Butler, yes the former fake Sony CEO guy. Assuming that he's not under some sort of non-competitive contract that still in place preventing him from doing any type of promotional work for a competitor.

Woo hoo. Looking forward to it, always enjoy Directs.

I guess Miyamoto will end up presenting small parts of the directs with Bill and Shibata for US and EU. I wonder if Miyamoto wil be presenting the whole thing for the Japanese Direct though. Maybe Kimishima will take the opportunity to introduce himself 'directly' to the fans ^^

Anyway, excellent news ^^
Also with that Project Guard game still being dated for a 2015 release, I could see a Direct about the Christmas line up with a surprise announcement.

Regarding Project Guard - that's exactly right. There's no way that they'd have it still dated for 2015 if they didn't know, with certainty, that it would release in the next two months. And yet, we know almost nothing about it - we've seen an early tech demo of it, and that's it.

So we can be sure that they're going to show it off some time in the next few weeks - I can't see them holding off until any later than mid-November to talk about it. And a Nintendo Direct is the obvious way to do it.

"Regarding Project Guard - that's exactly right. There's no way that they'd have it still dated for 2015 if they didn't know, with certainty, that it would release in the next two months."

I really do think project guard is a tech demo and was incorporated into Star Fox Zero with that weird droid mechanic. Nintendo's fiscal release dates are sometimes off. Remember when Kirby lasted from 2005 all the way to 2011 until Return to Dreamland came out? Also lets not forget Project H.A.M.M.E.R which lasted about 2 years. Oh and Disaster Day of Crisis was listed in the NA release section for awhile and it was never released here.

Perhaps they took the logical approach that instead of using Directs to parrot every single PR move made ("Nintendo are switching up the crisps in the vending machine!"), they're going to only announce major things.

- Twilight Princess HD
- Fire Emblem Fates Release Date
- The last 3 Smash characters revealed
- Metroid Prime: Federation Force trailer/release date
- Retro's new game shown
- M&L:PJ NA release date
- Zelda U footage shown off
- Pokken Tournament release date
- Nintendo's first mobile game revealed
- Mario Maker DLC announced
- Triforce Heroes DLC officially revealed
- New Star Fox Zero trailer that shows off what improvements were made
- Pikmin 4 shown off

I honestly think Retro's game, Pikmin 4 and Zelda U are all NX games now.

But otherwise this sounds about par for the course.

Happy to hear this.

Off topic, but I have faith in Kimishima as a CEO. His comments about numbers not being the only thing game's businesses should look at are spot-on, and it makes me believe there are plenty of goodies coming our way, especially since Miyamoto has stepped down from his green-lighting role.

I'm glad to see these continue. I'd like some more security in seeing Wii U last another good year or two. I think MK8, Smash, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker have really revitalized the system, and if they can keep this momentum going with Zelda U (which had better still come), Xenoblade Chronicles X, and whatever they do to Starfox, it can stay at least as long as I'm hoping it will.

Indie titles have also been good for Wii U. Looking forward to Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee. I still wish they would fix the VC and release games to really fill out the library.

I'm hoping that they put more resources into the NX so that the NX can be the best system it can be. The Wii U just does not have a high enough ceiling for growth to prioritize it over the NX with the NX (potentially) so close, and I think that this is a good explanation for the amount of Wii U software we are receiving this year and next.

Wed Oct 28 15 03:46pm
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Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but do you have a Wii U?

Yes I do, and I think it might be my favorite Nintendo console ever (second would be gamecube). I have been very happy with my purchase and I have tons of great memories with friends playing it. I can't get enough of Splatoon currently!

That said, I can't wait to see what Nintendo does with

  • better online and user account infrastructures
  • combining their mobile and hardware divisions: imagine how the best 3DS games would look and play with actual controllers, better online hardware, HD graphics, etc.
  • if they do have the rumored AMD chips, more powerful hardware that is simpler for third parties to cross-develop for
  • and all the launch games that they are preparing

I think it is an exciting time to be a Nintendo fan, even though the news and games have been comparatively bare this year.

As a fellow Wii U owner, and a relatively recent adopter (1.5 years now), I have to say I am saddened that they appear to be moving on so quickly. I was thinking I wouldn't have to consider another Nintendo console purchase until at least late 2017.

I would say that this is more of a defining time for Nintendo. What they do with the NX and their mobile initiative (which we will learn more about in just a few hours) will imo greatly effect their future as a dedicated (hardware + software) gaming company. There is excitement, but for me it is more of a hesitant anticipation as Nintendo could drastically change over the next few years.

I really do hope though that they improve accounts, cross compatibility, power/specs and truly are investing their resources in the NX rather than just slumping games wise.

I am guessing either mid November or early December. Either way or another, I am glad to hear that it's coming back. I'll be looking forward to it.

It's gonna be a shitty 3DS direct nobody cares about.

Wonder if they will have an Iwata tribute.


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