Happy birthday, GameCube and Wii U!

Believe it or not, the Wii U turns 3 today and the GameCube turns 14. Two Nintendo systems that have graced us with hundreds and hundreds of fantastic games. Are you going to celebrate with the old or new system today?!

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Wed Nov 18 15 03:02pm
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The Gamecube is still my favorite system of all time. Such a bounty of great memories and underrated games...

In fact, I'm just about to beat Wind Waker HD this weekend, so I'll technically be celebrating both systems at once! Smile

Haha that's a great way to look at it ^^

Aside from handhelds, these are my two favorite Nintendo consoles. Both commercial disappointments, but lots of great gaming experiences on them.

Happy birthday to my two least favorite Nintendo consoles.

You think they're even worse than the Virtual Boy? That's surprising, to say the least.

I don't generally consider the Virtual Boy when making comparisons like that because it was pulled off the shelves at light speed and even Nintendo acknowledged its failure, so it's pretty pointless to bring it into the discussion. Was it even released in Europe?

Wed Nov 18 15 04:00pm
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Nah, it wasn't even released in Europe. Fair enough, you've made your point.

The Virtual Boy is a "handheld", as far as I know. I believe he meant home consoles

Wed Nov 18 15 07:35pm
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Maybe... To be honest, that's probably one of the reasons the Virtual Boy failed. No one knew exactly what the heck it was supposed to be. :P

In the words of the AVGN: https://youtu.be/OyVAp0tOk5A?t=1m57s

Wed Nov 18 15 05:06pm
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For IT my own birthday today!
They have some of my favorite games.
(TP, MKDD and HW, SMM to name a few)

With the new movie coming out, I've had a VERY strong urge to boot up Star Wars: Rogue Leader for the cube. I think I've got the perfect excuse to do so now!

Thank you, GameCube. Just having Melee made you a juggernaut of badass.

Happy birthday, my favorite Nintendo consoles!

I played some Smash Bros. Wii U with a Gamecube controller, does that count?
Sorry, my Gamecube is dead.

If release dates have anything to do with sales, next time try SNES or Wii releases Nintendo.

I love both of these consoles and I sincerely hope the likes of Square-Enix, Capcom and Ubisoft will jump back on board with the NX because the one big difference between the GC and the Wii U is that the first one still had decent third party support. Namco is still there I guess, so is Tecmo Koei. Square-Nintendo has always been a love/hate relationship but Capcom and Ubisoft used to be the usual partners, even in rough times. They pretty much jumped ship with the U.

Two of Nintendo's most disappointing consoles for me personally.

The GameCube is still my most favorite gaming console. I really love how it looks, and I hate knowing it was so hated for not being a dull, black copy of everything else.

... and now I really miss the GameCube Battle Level in Mario Kart Double Dash!!


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