Want Rare Replay on Wii U? Microsoft says to tell Rare

Something like this isn't going to happen unless Microsoft is okay with it. This tweet from Microsoft Studios would seem to indicate that Microsoft is indeed okay with the idea! Now we have to see if Rare actually wants to do it!

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Sat Dec 12 15 06:43am
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But I don't think that I would want it.

What I really want comes from Playtonic.

It'd be more tantalizing if B&K, BT, Conkers, and the Snes KI weren't the only games I'd be interested in getting it for.

Also, I find it incredibly odd that Microsoft would be okay with that. Some of their EXCLUSIVE IPs on someone elses platform just because they asked? o_e Seems odd. You'd think they'd wanna keep them on their platform so if someone wants those games on current systems... they'd have to get an Xbax.

It could make sense if they were making sequels to games like BK and Conker. Put the old ones that have Nintendo heritage on Wii U and then say "hey, if you liked those and you want the new ones you'll need an Xbox!"

Full on Rare Replay would never happen considering how they'd have to fully port everything which would just be ridiculous. Banjo/Conker/Killer Instinct/Jet Force Gemini/Perfect Dark on VC though? I'd love to see that happen and can't see why that couldn't benefit both parties.

Banjo would be one step closer to reuniting with his pal Diddy. Please happen! Please!

It would be cool if they add the DK games as well.

Rare Replay did not do well on Xboner. You know that because you saw on sale like 4 weeks after release.

Everyone loves to talk about Nintendo having to go third party, but maybe it's Microsoft whose considering it.

It would actually be a smart move for MS. Their XBOX division isn't making any profit. They could easily close it and just use the Microsoft Game Studios to develop games for consoles (PS4, NX, etc) and PCs.

Or they could coop with Nintendo and make the NX really the Nintendo XBOX.

Lol, that's not an indication that it didn't do well at all. It's a compilation game that definitely didn't require much effort, from probably not even a full development staff team. They discounted it because they could, and saw more value in reducing the price rather than sticking to full price and getting less sales. Simple timing, too, since holidays were coming up.

That being said, it sold more in a few months than the Wonderful 101 has in its entire lifetime...

Comparing it to Wonderful 101 isn't exactly setting the bar high. If a game sells 102 copies, it has outsold the W101. I'm one of the 101 that own it though.

I don't have an Xbox One (and have very little drive to get one), but I'd totally get a Wii U version of Rare Replay, day one.

What's the catch? There's always a catch, they're scheming something. They'll want something in return.

I'd love to see Battletoads Arcade on a Nintendo platform.

I would like to see that, too.

That's pretty much the only reason I'd care. Been wanting a console port of that game forever!

If in the scenario that Banjo & Kazooie really ARE in Smash as DLC, I could totally see Microsoft releasing this on the Wii-U. ^^

I would get it on the U for sure even though I might get a ONE one day. Just the thought that they would work together is pretty neat.

BUT, what I would really want would be KI 1-2 arcade ports,

Just because Microsoft said "ask Rare" doesn't mean that they'd actually be okay with it. Nothing in the statement actually suggested that. Someone could have asked to release it on the PS4 and received the same response.

(Rare is a zombie now anyway so it's not like asking them would mean anything.)

Posted this over in the VC thread a few days back, also there's a petition going which is slightly more effective than just storming a Twitter page https://www.change.org/p/phil-spencer-bring-rare-replay-to-nintendo-wii-u-console
Also Microsoft has had no trouble letting RARE put games on what they consider a non-competing platform before, with the dozen or so games they put on the GBA and DS, and at this point Nintendo has considered for a decade doing their own thing rather than competing directly, and this would be instant cash for Microsoft

Here's a crazy theory: The NX is code named such because it is NintendoXbox.

That was already used in an earlier post :D

Never gonna happen. But would be awesome. Rare Replay is one of the very few games I'd buy if I had a Xbox One.

Also, they were the ones who chose to port MC to Wii-u, for that matter, the creator of Minecraft was astonished when Microsoft announced it was coming to wii-u, since he had opposed it coming to Nintendo since the beginning which is why it took so long. It happened post buyout, and completely on Microsoft's perogitive. Combine that with the collaboration on DK64, and well a Nintendo geared Rare Replay may not be that unlikely, heck they could add in the DK games and the GBA B-K games as well

The creator opposed it? Why? Link?

None of these links have any think that's explicitly states he was actively against Minecraft coming to the Wii U, but it does raise some questions in regards to his stance on Nintendo, and its fan base. The last link is just him bitching and moaning about how all his wealth doesn't really bring him any real happiness, due to the fact he feels so lonely and isolated with all his millions upon millions, OH, BOO HOO.

Hope this answers some questions.

Okay... Oh well, not my problem really, but I would love to have a piece of that money. I am not lonely, far from it, but I could use that to take my friends to the pub ;)

Thnaks for the heads up!

Sun Dec 13 15 05:32pm
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Yeah, no kidding, probably do the same thing like you, and buy the pub.


Cheers to that! ;)

Also, as wierd as it sounds.. Since the Xbox doesn't do that well in Japan, Microsoft -may- *the operative word here being MAY* consider porting certain games over to the Wii U to get even a little bit into the Japanese market.

Oh, man. I've always wanted to play Viva Piñata. Please make this happen.

I'd want it for Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark. Mainly Jet Force though. I absolutely loved that game.

Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Viva Piñata on Wii U? sounds surreal to me.

This is strange indeed. Does NX mean some cross collaberation between Nin & MS?

I'm not going to ask Microsoft OR Rare to have the games in WiiU or 3DS by Rare, even though the game were once on N64, except Star Fox Adventures.

Not gonna happen, just saying.

Even If Microsoft says its OK, it would be to much work because all the Xbox - Xbox360 games on the Xboxjuan virtualconsole, the games are not actually on the disk you have to download them to play them.

And a non-physicall release would be a problem just how?

EVERYTHING would have to be ported to Wii U, though. I'd think there's actually more of a chance of getting them on disc because of that (if there were a physical release).

Okay, this is getting ridiculous now. There's no stopping Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Bros at this point.

Honestly though, I wouldn't mind B-K and B-T, their original N64 editions, released on the Wii U virtual console. But only that. And if Microsoft is expecting something from Nintendo in return, how about Nintendo assisting Rare on their next game? They always did do better with their supervision.

It sounds like MS is not opposed to the idea. Most of those games were Nintendo titles anyway. People forget that Microsoft does let Nintendo use Rare (and now Minecraft) stuff from time to time.

How hard would it be to compose a tweet that says "I'd like to see it", and move on? Five minutes? I signed the petition. Two minutes.

I hope no one seriously believes it will happen.

Oh wait, there's a change.org petition. Now we can take it seriously!

If the Nintendo fanbase are more willing to purchase it and MS gets money for it, then why should it not happen? Pride alone?

I really think it could happen, but never said it will.

You could make the same argument for any Nintendo games releasing on other consoles, and the same fans clamoring for Rare Replay Wii U to happen would be vehemently against that.

This is all just silly, and a simple comment by an employee running the MS Twitter account is being overblown.

There is a slight problem in your argument. Nintendo developed games have never appeared on another console or platform, only licensed games. However, 16 of the 30 games in Rare Replay have appeared on Nintendo consoles:




Blast Corps

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Jet Force Gemini

Killer Instinct Gold

Perfect Dark

Cobra Triangle (NES)

Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City (NES)

Knight Lore (NES)

R.C. Pro-Am (NES)

R.C. Pro-Am II (NES)

Slalom (NES)

Snake Rattle N Roll (NES)

Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship (NES)

A lot of Nintendo fans have played these games and just want a chance to play them again on their chosen system. I do not think it's going to happen but there is no harm in wishful thinking.

Again, as I wrote, if there is a win-win situation I don't see why it's impossible, just not likely.

Look at the DS games, the tweets and the good harmony MS and Ninty obviously have and add that they can EARN MONEY on all that, I see it as possible.

Will it happen? Well, time will tell.

I don't see why Microsoft would do such a thing without Nintendo giving a game in return, like Bayonetta 1&2. By your definition, this would be a win-win as well.

No! You are wrong..

MS would earn money on it. So, MS gets money and Nintendo fans get their nostalgia kick. So simple.

Sun Dec 13 15 09:00pm
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Nintendo would earn money on it. So, Nintendo gets money and Microsoft fans get their niche title they've been clamoring for. So simple.

........... I don't see any difference. And I think your reaction speaks volumes that this won't happen, so this hubub of Microsoft putting their games on Nintendo systems is silly.

What the Hell does my reaction have to do with it?

As long as there is money to be earned there is a way. Money talks, either you like that or not.

I never said this was going to happen, but it's impossible either.

Get over yourself.

I agree that it doesn't have much of a chance of happening, but it probably won't be MS that stands in the way. Seriously I think Nintendo or Rare themselves would be more opposed to it rather than MS. MS has released a lot of games outside their XBox platform anyway.


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