HORI Pokken Tournament Pro Pad - boxart


Am I the only one who thinks this controller is UGLY!

I like the design of it, until I see that they put huge shoulder buttons in and made ZL and ZR into tiny buttons

I imagine this is only going to be useful for pokken

Sucks that its only compatible with one game.

So. Will this release outside of Japan? It is totally something I need for my collection~

I also need to steal Serebii's pre-Amiibo NFC Pokémon figures.

Wow, the description says "wired USB controller." Very surprised at that, wonder if it'll be able to use standard PC drivers? Anyways, that does make it suck that it can't be used on any other Wii U games, though. Aren't there enough different types of Wii U controllers? Could have easily made it a Classic Controller or Pro controller...

Anyone else notice how this looks very similar in basic shape to that recent controller patent that many people think is for the NX?

I wonder if this is basically what the controller will look like but with a screen across the face of it.

Fri Dec 25 15 10:03am
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I am pretty sure that this is the pokken tournament arcade controller copy pasted and I am also pretty sure that the NX controller will have analog sticks and dual triggers.

Fri Dec 25 15 10:10am
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It is the Pokken Tournament controller copy pasted, but its general shape and style looks very similar to that "NX" controller patent. And if you replace the d-pad and face buttons with two analog sticks, and put a screen across the face, it's basically the controller as shown in the patent:

It might just be a slight sign/hint of things to come.

Could be, but I doubt it. Patents don't even come close to representing the final product in most cases.

Except this patent specifically details the precise shape, layout, and features of the controller, such as its shape, its buttons and sticks, and the screen. Now, it may not be exactly like it says, but based on what it says it was pretty much describing the Pokken controller but with analog sticks instead of the d-pad and buttons, and a touch screen across most of the face.

If it were wireless, I might have got one to play Virtual Console games.


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