Skylanders Superchargers - Nintendo amiibo dual-packs hitting retail



I mean, most of these looks pretty terrible, but I can now more easily scan for a good-looking Bowser and DK, and finally get these. ^^

I do want the Dark ones, though. For the collection. :s

So do the Skylander parts work for other systems.

I'm thinking I've read "No", but just wanted to ask.

Wed Dec 30 15 04:52pm
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iirc, these figures have a little slider on the bottom that lets you switch between amiibo/skylander mode.

"In terms of functionality, you'll be able to put these figures into Skylanders or amiibo mode simply by twisting the base."

oof, that image came out small. You can right click and open the image in a new tab if you like.

If your questions pertains to software for Nintendo consoles then the answer is yes. As the previous poster stated, there is a switch in the base that can be moved to indicate that it is an amiibo or just a Skylanders' figurine.

If your questions pertains to using the Donkey Kong or Bowser figurines as Skylanders' figurines in the game for the Xbox 360/Xbox one or the PS3/PS4. Then the answer is no. They only work with the Skylanders' software for the Nintendo systems.

It was more of a "Do they work on other systems" sort of thing, but I got a lot of solid feedback from everyone, so thanks!

Oh man I don't know how I misread that... lol...

Hum, bit pricey, but it would be the only version of Bowser that I would like in my collection...

Really? The Smash and especially the Mario Bowsers are both much nicer-looking than these plastic-y Skylanders ones, in my opinion. ^^ Don't get me wrong, I like how this one looks, and I WILL get it for my collection, but I do recommend looking into the other Bowsers as well. ^^

I just don't like Bowser. What I like in this one is that it has a different design, enough to be interesting on its own, even if it wasn't actually Bowser. I have absolutely NO intention to get a Bowser amiibo, like I have NO intention of getting a Mario one... but I got the Dr. Mario... :O

You don't like Bowser?! You heathen. *Downvotes you*

But yeah, if you don't like Bowser, I guess I can't recommend any Bowser. XD

I've almost considered buying the game a few times just to have these but I don't care about the game. This is perfect.


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