Kuru Kuru Kururin coming to North America for the first time via Wii U VC tomorrow

Reach your goal by steering the Helirin to the goal!

Kururin's brothers and sisters are lost across 10 different worlds! In his special helicopter, the Helirin, navigate through mazes as quickly as you can while avoiding obstacles such as walls, pistons, and cannons. You can also customize your Helirin by using items acquired in Adventure mode.

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So... chances of Mother 3 in NA increased??

Well well well... It's no PMD sadly, but a EU exclusive VC game is a shock indeed! I'll take it, but PMD Red better follow the tradeoff system quickly...

Wed Feb 10 16 03:32pm
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Wow. Was not expecting this... did they actually have to translate anything? I can't remember if there's much of any text in the game anyway, but it was a pretty challenging game for what it was.. hopefully the people who get it won't be turned away if there is still Japanese text in it. I'm kind of surprised to see it for so cheap when it's technically an "import".

...oh nevermind, didn't realize it came out in Europe. I guess it wasn't too hard to 'import' after all, then, huh...

this is europe. we need the other two, ESPECIALLY the GC release!

I want all three to be available to everyone who bad. The GCN version is probably one of the few import GCN games I'd actually be interested in!!

Now let's do one further and bring F-Zero Climax to the west, too. Smile

The GCN game is pretty damn fun (and very challenging). I don't know how hard it is to get to work on non-modded GCNs, but it's very easy to understand even in Japanese (or gibberish, since a western GCN by default can't display Japanese).

non modded GC quite difficult...

NINTENDONT on the other hand... (hehe!!)

you also got cubivore we got doshin the giant. we need to get the other one, this is not a pokemon game nintendo ;)

Y'all better get this, Americans!

that's great enjoy. Now if only they could release trauma team here in Europe. Oh and zangeki too, why not.


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