Pokken Tournament - more screens, new game modes and Wii U exclusive features

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- Cubone & Diglett, Magneton & Quagsire and Espeon & Umbreon are three more sets of Support Pokemon
- Ferrum League is a feature exclusive to the Wii U version
- beating stages adds more support Pokemon and battle areas
- four ranks to this league: Green League, Blue League, Red League & Chrome League
- takes place in the Ferrum region where Resonance Stones link people and their Pokémon
- players can customize their player character's gender, skin color, hair and more
- encounter various trainers
- Nia helps players navigate the world, and she chose Weavile
- there are other trainers who exist only in the Wii U version who are tough to beat
- take onTravis with his Garchomp, Keith with his Suicune and Erin with her Braixen
- Practice Mode is where you get to test your skills with no time limit or health
- Free Training allows you to train freely
- Combo Dojo will teach you various combos for the Pokémon
- My Town mode where you can alter your character's appearance and clothing by spending the in-game currency
- Cubone uses Bonemerang which is a quick long range attack that hits multiple times and brings opponents to you
- Diglett uses Dig which makes it easy to land combos when the opponent has been hit
- Magneton uses Tri Attack which aims upward and it lowers opponents' Speed & Attack
- Quagsire uses Mud Bomb, which is effective on players on the ground and damages even if guarded against
- Espeon uses Morning Sun which removes status conditions as well as healing Hit Points
- the less time on the clock, the more Morning Sun raises
- Umbreon uses Snarl which sucks up the opponent's Resonance Gauge and prevents them being able to land critical hits


neat details. still more worried about whether the Pokemon voices will be dubbed or not

7th Gen Pokemon Chrome comfirmed

Been a bit worried about the modes/content in this game, and this has made me more nervous. Ferrum League sounds cool, and the standard practice, multiplayer, and online options are appreciated, but the game seems a bit bare-bones even with the trainer customization. I'm a little disappointed 'MyTown' doesn't seem to be anything more than avatar customization. Hoping there's still a decent bit more to be seen before launch!

There have been games with even less than this that have still managed to do extremely well (maybe not financially but amongst players) for example, UMVC3.

I get what you're saying though, I too hope we get a few more modes, like mission mode or something?

Well team soul is behind it, though it sounds like the story mode may have a mission mode as part of it perhaps. This is just some random press release stuff, we're due for a full video blowout in a few weeks

Namco probably banking on Capcom setting president getting away with even more bare-bones content in SF5 and the media and fanboys giving the game a pass.

We probably won't know everything until closer to release.

Honestly, it sounds like more content than it really could have had. I mean, the arcade one lacks some of the features. I think the final game will have more content than this and it will feel fine and have enough.

We'll see.


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