Star Fox Guard - Platinum Games helping with the development

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Fri Mar 04 16 10:45am
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AAAaaaannndndd... I'm getting this too Smile

Because Platinum are helping? Does not compute...

Just a Platinum fan. I will get this game with SF0 anyway.

Was trying to sneak in a silly joke with a twist of self-irony.

Eh, just because they helped with development of something doesn't really mean it's a Platinum game. That's all I'm saying. They could have only helped with bug fixing, for instance.

Dude. Was throwing in some self-irony... As a joke.

I had to use one of my daily likes to like this one Smile

Sad that the best Star Fox experience we'll ever get from Platinum is in Bayonetta 2 as a hidden easter egg.

In fact the shoot'em up levels in both Bayo and Bayo 2 are fun bonuses but very average shmup levels if you actually compare them to real 3d shmups standards.

And that is still better than what we got here.

Come on isn't that going a bit too far?
You have not even tried the game. I get it you don't like that it can't be played without motion controls but is that a reason to say the game is not a good shmup? I fail to see the relation between these two points.

Also Splatoon targetting is largely considered super fast, responsive, intuitive and efficient. Even then, I respect your opinion about motion controls but the fact that you don't like them does not make them bad.

I don't like motion controls, therefore, I am pretty sure I won't like it. If Skyward Sword could not convince me, no game will. As for Splatoon, if sticks could actually be calibrated well, we could talk about it. The calibration options are awful and I wonder if this is deliberate.

Oh, THAT certainly changed everything....

Weird, this is posted further up, but under a different headline.

Also, why does the headline/user comments talk like we didnt already know this? Its been known from day 1.


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