Deep Silver remains quiet on Mighty No. 9

Last we heard, Mighty No. 9 was going to be released in Spring of 2016. Well, we're in Spring right now, but we haven't heard a peep about a release date. Actually, all of Mighty No. 9's social media channels have been dead since pretty much right after the announcement of the last delay. This is really causing concern for people, especially those that backed the initial project.

Making matters worse, Deep Silver isn't talking about the game either. When approached for comment, they offered up the following statement.

“We have no comments at this time. You’ll be the first to know once we have new information to share.”

Is Mighty No. 9 going to suffer another delay? Is the social media silence cause for concern, or are all parties just super busy putting finishing touches on the game to make the Spring release date a reality?

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Mon Apr 04 16 08:10pm
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I stopped caring about this game when GG chimed in in 2014

Their statement seems a little passive-aggressive tbh.

haha ^^
Really? It's literally the most neutral tone that can be used.

You're right, I just read too much into the "You'll be the first to know" bit at the time. :p My bad.

I almost don't care about this game anymore.
For the love of God--if you don't think you're not going to meet a date or window, don't give us the date or window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a moment I thought that article was about Zelda

Zelda was only ever given the date "2015" and then changed it to basically "when it's done, hopefully 2016".

We never had a real date for Zelda to get delayed from. Just a year. Only been 'delayed' once.

Yeah, I'm gonna be that guy.

I keep forgetting this thing exists. :P

It's better than making a promise they can't keep, I guess.

Maybe Capcom saw all the hype, and made a deal with them to reinvent the game as an official Mega Man game? What? Can't I have wishful thinking?

All the hype? If anything this game has had the opposite of hype as of late with the delays, issues with the PR team among other things. Ask anyone from the MN9 forums about what they thought about Dina and they'll list dozens of issues with the post-fundraising. Heck, Red Ash barely hitting the goal last year should be enough of an indication that most of Inafune's diehard fans who weren't backing MN9 just to get a jab at Capcom have left or lost their excitement, especially after the dramatic change from the concept art to the odd mess it looks like now.

I mean, think about it. Mega Man finally got a new retail game after six years (A collection yes but still something CCL finally allowed Capcom USA to do along with rereleasing the Legends trio on PSN) and MN9 STILL isn't out yet. The game folks would be certain would continue and replace Mega Man ends up coming out after three of the most requested PSN titles and a retail game that even hit Japan (where most other Capcom USA titles end up skipping or changed up a bit). I'm all for delays to make it better but since this is all ONLY for the online mode according to the team, this seems rather odd.

Maybe they are waiting for the 9th delay(if it already hasn't happened yet), and the final date for real is set at September 9th. Three 9's matching up.

Also, random tidbit, the reason Windows skipped to 10 is because the number 9 is considered Bad Luck in japan apparently.

No interest in this game as, from last I checked, it looked like a cross between Sonic and Megaman.

Another thing to keep in mind: if a project is off and on for 12 years or more, it no longer remains relevant by the time it gets released. After over a decade people either forgot, lost interest or moved on.

Windows skipped to 10 because legacy programs are often referred to as "9x", to refer to the 95/98 series. There are a considerable number of legacy 9x series programs in use for businesses, and to have Windows refer to itself as "Windows 9", it could cause issues for programs that see the "9" and fill it in as "9x".

Microsoft has never come out and stated WHY they didn't make 9, but the most logical reason would be this.

Just to cite my source.

Wait, what programs still use 95/98? Everything runs on XP and up, maybe 2000. Also, they have badly managed code if that is the case. This isn't Y2K, and even Y2K only effected like 4 small systems ever.

Will the fact be brought up that despite the name change, 7, 8, and 10 all base run on what Vista runs on? It's not really a new OS at all, though 7 appears to still be the most stable/compatible coming after the XP version.

And, this has nothing to do with the topic. . .

It doesn't have anything to do with the topic, but I'd go so far as to say it's a more constructive topic than Mighty No. 9 will ever be, so... I don't see an issue.

Anyway, the programs themselves don't use 95/98 currently, but they were originally built for 95/98. I couldn't name any specifics for you, because a lot of them are old software in use by financial and industrial firms, but believe me when I say they're out there. I formerly worked at an IT consulting firm, and this was in 2010, but a lot of clients still had software that was designed for use on Windows 95 or earlier, that was still in use, and they considered the software and devices "irreplaceable", and needed them to interface with newer machines.

It's actually a lot more common than you'd think.

Also, most people are completely unaware that 7 is basically Vista minus the bloat, and that 8 and 10 are still the same code base, with a new interface. (In fact, many devices that don't have an actual W10 driver can use a 7 driver and still run just fine.)

The only time I ever hear anything about this game is when it gets delayed. It's also the only time I remember this game exists.

I was immensely hyped when the Kickstarter was going on. Now it's been delayed so many times, I've almost completely stopped caring. But it would be nice to, you know, get the product that I already paid for.

I would've been on the same boat as you, I was pretty hyped about it, but had to back out because I had some money issues at the time.

It's crazy how I look back and realize how great it was I didn't have the money to fund this steaming pile.

Junk game by shit tier developer.

I think anyone that knew who Inafune was and ignored this KS expected all of this.

Mon Apr 04 16 11:06pm
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You people are terrible. This is a very large project, across nearly all (if not all) platforms with multiplayer. Thats netcode, porting, fulfilling a large array of stretch goals. Yes dates have been off. Thats no reason to kick the game to the curb before it is even released.

Play something else, put your opinions of the game on the back burner. Kickstarter is a double edged sword; you get to directly support products BUT that means you know about the game before it has already had a year or more of development behind it. Have patience, respect that this is new territory for these developers and producers.

The way this article was posted encourages negativity. Not cool rawmeatcowboy.

Very large project? Errrr... I've many indie companies release their games (sometimes more complex than this one), on several different systems, by themselves with no KS funding at all.

These guys not only have almost 4 million from the Kickstarter, but they also have a publisher to deal with all the publishing things.

Actually, the multiplayer wasn't even an important part of this, people that funded this have even said they'd rather get the game sans multiplayer to have it already... yes, we're actually at a point where people are asking for them to patch something in after the fact because it's taking too long.

They also used the netcode excuse twice now. A competent team would get their shit together after the first time. To use the same excuse twice is completely asinine.

The game has 4 million dollars behind it, more of a budget than pretty much any other side-scrolling action game ever. (Okay, exaggerating, I don't have a clue how much others have cost.) But seriously, this game has at least more of a budget than most of the Mega Man games ever did, and they still can't get anything going? I'd say the negativity is definitely justified at this point.

So, this game became overly ambitious, not because of fans, but because "they could". It also was the eye of an important controversy. It has been delayed many times, often ignoring players/backers feedback in the process. Mighty no. 9 in my opinion is a mess management wise, with poor decision after poor decision. And those decisions will be reflected on the final product, if it ever finishes. So, yeah, I believe that fans' negativity is justified.

"You've seen it early because of Kickstarter"
It's not like the game had no release date and people were complaining, it was set to launch last September.

The amount of delays this game has gotten is ridiculous. Last time they announced a delay they said the game was done and they were just working on the online portion. If this game is seriously getting a 4th delay, I really have to question what's going on behind the scenes. I mean I already have, but this just adds to it. They aren't total newbies making this game, there's newer people with several years under their belt, and then there's industry veterans.

They're screwed now. They've waited so long that just about anybody that was interested couldn't care less and only a handful will buy it. Not only that but they've promised to launch the game over and over that no one is going to trust another Inafune Kickstarter. I honestly think the Red Ash Kickstarter was just to get some extra money to finish Mighty No 9 because they've run out of money and can't find any more investors. It'd make more sense than 3-4 months just for an online mode.

Large project? LARGE PROJECT? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No but seriously, how much did Inafune pay you to say that, mate?

I think they are changing publishers.

Wasn't interested in this game to begin with. Meh.

MN9's Twitter is run by a ten-year-old boy who always insists he has never seen you before.

When asked about the status of the game, he replies:

Mr. Infaune told me to tell you he won't come this evening.

But surely tomorrow.

Wait, what?

So if you Tweet them at the right time, you might get a chance to hang out with Infaune?

I call dibs on bowling and pizza this Thursday.

Mr. Inafune is at the stock market doing a business.

y'all really need to read more samuel beckett.

Hope all those who backed this get refunded, cos it's probably not coming out in any form now.

Their social media person/team shouldn't be affected, and it takes less than a minute to create a post.

Something is wrong in Whoville.

"These guys not only have almost 4 million from the Kickstarter, but they also have a publisher to deal with all the publishing things."

And, I bet they have had fun laughing all the way to the bank and back to Kickstarter just to see how much more Money & laughs they can get from users that don't know that they've been, sold the bridge.

"If this game is seriously getting a 4th delay, I really have to question what's going on behind the scenes."

So, that means 5 more delays until the ball pit arrives.
Wait, that makes for one delay per month til September. . .

"Hope all those who backed this get refunded, cos it's probably not coming out in any form now."

That's not how crowd funding on the internet works.
[Insert WWatCF scene here when their in the office expecting a prize]

Wed Apr 06 16 02:06am
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This isn't a real game.

May as well put this next to Sadness.

Oh, you didn't hear? The characters from Sadness are unlockables in this game.

Oh fffuuuuu...

Thank goodness.

Yeah, I meant paid DLC. They're like... $5.99 each.


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