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Deep Silver remains quiet on Mighty No. 9

by rawmeatcowboy
04 April 2016
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Last we heard, Mighty No. 9 was going to be released in Spring of 2016. Well, we're in Spring right now, but we haven't heard a peep about a release date. Actually, all of Mighty No. 9's social media channels have been dead since pretty much right after the announcement of the last delay. This is really causing concern for people, especially those that backed the initial project.

Making matters worse, Deep Silver isn't talking about the game either. When approached for comment, they offered up the following statement.

“We have no comments at this time. You’ll be the first to know once we have new information to share.”

Is Mighty No. 9 going to suffer another delay? Is the social media silence cause for concern, or are all parties just super busy putting finishing touches on the game to make the Spring release date a reality?

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