13AM Games teasing extra Satura content for Runbow

13AM Games has been sending out cryptic tweets for the last week or so, teasing content for Runbow in April. If you look at the tweets, you see a pattern with random letters being capitalized. When you put together all the capital letters, you get the following message.


Satura is the villain character in Runbow. Looks like she's ready for some new content all her own. We'll just have to keep tabs on the official Twitter account to get more details!

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Sun Apr 10 16 09:35am
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I really hope that game sold well... What a fun and unique experience!

That's a pretty cool looking villain.

This is one of my favorite Wii U games! Can't wait for it to get more content!

Sadly the other day when I tried to play online, only one other person was playing... and they were AFK. Not that I expected differently, but it would be nice to be able to use the mode xP. Hopefully this update helps a bit

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