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Kingdom Hearts concert and world tour announced

by rawmeatcowboy
28 April 2016
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Now THIS is going to be a must-see event. The Kingdom Hearts series isn't just getting a single concert, it's getting an entire world tour! One of the tour stops is at the Dolby Theater in L.A., and that's happening during E3 week! You can check out more specific dates/locations below. Thanks to RadicalDefect for the heads up!

- Siena Wind Orchestra will perform in Tokyo on Aug 11
- Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra will perform in Aichi on Aug 27 and Osaka on Aug 28
- world tour in 2017 starting in Japan on March 10 2017
- France on March 18-19
- England on March 25-25
- Singapore on May 6-7
- China on May 28
- Dolby Theatre in LA on June 10 and 14

- United Palace Theatre on June 24
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