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Tue May 24 16 09:26pm
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Miyamoto finally debunked that bullshit theory in March, i believe. Hopefully this teaches people to not spread around unconfirmed theories that are treated as fact that you hear on Neogaf and DYKG.

Actually, Miyamoto kinda gave a non-answer on the subject. And the only reason this myth had any traction to begin with was due to an old issue of Nintendo Power.

Re: Corneria's name

When you complete a route in Star Fox SNES, there is some brief dialog as the team prepares to return to Corneria. In that dialog, Corneria is pretty clearly called "Cornelia." I'm guessing this is probably the original spelling. Similarly, in the intro sequence, the Arwings are called "A-Wing" fighters. If I remember correctly, the name changed, but they didn't have time to redo the voice clip. Seems like the same may have happened here.

Wed May 25 16 08:31am
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I've heard Miyamoto's poop joke before. I had forgotten about it until I heard the rest in the original video. It's gross, but I was a bit underwhelmed because I thought it was going to be extra disgusting since GameExplain wouldn't show it.

Having no desire to open up a stream recording myself, can you tell me what the joke is?

I'm gonna be lazy and tell you to Google how to wipe when you only have one piece of toilet paper.


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