Mixed Messages seeing 3DS eShop-specific release

Oh man, I am very excited about this. If you've been with GoNintendo for a long time, you may remember me gushing about Mixed Messages. It originally released on DSiWare and I absolutely loved it. To tell you the truth, my appreciation of the game has only grown since then. Believe it or not, we still play the game to this very day! We actually played it just a few weeks back.

Now we have some great news for those that haven't grabbed the title yet. It seems like the game is getting a 3DS eShop-specific release. With the DSiWare shop closing in the near future, I'm happy to see this title isn't disappearing with it. Will the 3DS eShop-specific release have any new bells and whistles? That would certainly be nice, but I imagine it's just going to be the exact same game. Like I said, it's nice to know the title won't be lost forever to the DSi Shop.

Activision and Vicarious Visions were behind the original release, and I imagine at least Activision will still be involved here. We'll get you more details when they come in!

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Oh man I love this game so much. I remember it for sure. Will definitely be picking it up.

I actually don't know this game. Hm...


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