Fan remaking original Castlevania in Unreal Engine 4

We've been covering a lot of first-party fan projects lately, but what about a third party? Will Konami go after this remake of the original Castlevania that uses the Unreal Engine 4? I guess we'll find out soon enough!

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The description for the video links to a Kickstarter campaign where the guy is trying to raise money in order to get a license from Konami. Yeah good luck with that, I don't think they really give a damn about most of their IPs anymore.

To be fair, if they didn't give a damn about their IPs they would give him the license.

"I don't think they really give a damn about most of their IPs anymore."

They care plenty about their IPs.

After all, pachinko cabinets do not sell themselves.

This is probably a really good exercise in teaching yourself the engine.

...but man the art direction is kind of bad

Mon Oct 17 16 11:06pm
Rating: 1

Oh no Bloodstained caught the Mighties.

Mon Oct 17 16 11:55pm
Rating: 1

This does not look good. The lighting is terribly balanced and Simon's animations are atrocious.

Hate to say so, but you just described my exact feelings on the Bloodstained demo. I was not impressed, at all. And now that it might not even come to Wii U, the $60 I threw down on a physical copy for the system looks pretty stupid of me. In all honest, I don't expect Bloodstained to wind up much better than Mighty No. 9 did.

And in all blunt honesty, I largely blame the Unreal Engine, and developers dogged insistence in using it. It makes for bland, but a least sometimes decent 3D games. But it makes for AWFUL side scrollers. I really, REALLY wish developers would stop using the engine in general. I can't think of a single UE game that I LOVE, or even really really like.

Easy to use engines like Unreal and Unity are most likely here to stay. Bland games or awful games are due to the developers though, not necessarily the engine. Not to say the engine cannot be a problem though.

I understand that, unfortunately. Many developers are "unable" or unwilling to take the time to build their own game engines. I just think it's not a good thing when SO many developers are all using the same engine. There's a reason so many games today seem, as you say, either bland, or "Samey". It's because they are.

And regardless, I have never felt that "2.5D" was a terribly good approach. There are very good games that use it. But to me, nothing can or ever will replicate, much less "beat" actual sprite based 2D games, for games in those old school styles, like side scroller, or isometric Zelda type game. They just look AND play a lot better, in general. As great as, say, New Super Mario Bros. was, it would have looked and played even better if it had been fully 2D.

And it's a damn shame that some of these devs. that are going to Kickstarter, trying to cash in on nostaglia and fans' desire for new Mega Man or Castlevania type experiences, DON'T seem to remember that. People loved Mega Man and CV, mostly, because of how good the old 2D games looked and played. Needlessly going for a "2.5D" look and using the Unreal Engine.....it just seems pointless, and detracts from something that could have been far better if done traditionally, the way MOST fans would probably prefer them to be in the first place.

Eh, agree to disagree.

Not bad for one guy.

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