New PC game supports Donkey Konga bongos

Beat Nebula isn't coming to a Nintendo platform, but it's specifically built for a Nintendo accessory. This title has you beating an in-game drum to destroy enemies and deflect lasers. While you can use a keyboard to play, the dev behind the title specifically added in support for the Donkey Konga bongos. Best part about all this is that the game is a free PC download! I still have my sets and have been looking for a good excuse to get them back into action!

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That is very interesting. Given it's free I'll give it a download sometime to check it out.

Thats awesome, I have my bongos AND the Gamecube/Wiiu and PC adapter. Gonna try this game.

Would it work if the Bongos are connected using a 1st party GCN controller adapter?

The game actually don't recognize the Bongo (controller), you have to use a joy to key program and map the keys to the bongos, so if the PC recognize the adapter and controller it should work.

Downloaded and played. The game is more fun with the bongos, but it's too easy and repetitive. Now I want to try the bongos with different games, anyone can reccomend a game that uses only one or two buttons?

Divekick, maybe, haven't played it, but it's a two button fighting game.

Nick Robinson did a stream where he played a bunch of games with only the bongos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h6i-s_VlOc

One Finger Death Punch, Downwell, and Race the Sun looked fun with them.

Thanks for the suggestion

So what, no love for the osu! PC rhythm game simulator with support for the Wii Remote and the compatible Taiko no Tatsujin drum controllers???


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