Project CARS currently not planned for Switch release

Project CARS was quite a fiasco when it came to Nintendo fans. We were lead to believe a Wii U version would happen, and then it was squashed. You would think that the devs would be eager to release the game on Switch to set things right, but apparently that's not in the cards right now. Thanks to Andres for the heads up.

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And nobody cares. The game was average at best

Lol of course they know better not to release it on Switch because scu-bag status they are just like EA. They did us wrong & what goes around comes around. Even if they had an "exclu" game on Switch, I still would not support them.

I thought this game was already released and forgotten about

It was and was. At least I think it was pretty much forgotten. That I don't know says quite a bit, I think.

I personally didn't enjoy the game at all. There was no sense of achievement and I found most of the experience to be pretty dull and unenjoyable. I had no desire at all to return to it after my first couple play sessions.

First they rip off those who funded the game through their funding platform in hopes of a Wii U version, and now after stupidly expecting the Switch to be revealed at E3 2015 they have no interest. Typical western developer behavior.

Wed Nov 16 16 10:52pm
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People would probably boycott it if they put it on the Switch. I certainly wouldn't support it.

Wed Nov 16 16 10:55pm
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At this point, I wouldn't support it either but I feel that it along with the few other canned Wii U games are games that should come to the switch to fulfill the obligations those devs copped out on, so the backers would at least get it on a Nintendo platform even if folks like me refuse to support devs who acted like scam artists.

Wed Nov 16 16 11:24pm
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I hate to break it to everyone hating on Project Cars but a Wii U version was never promised during the funding campaign. It was first and foremost a PC game; console versions weren't announced until after the campaign was over. Nobody gave money to the project thinking they were getting a console version. They got exactly what they contributed towards - the PC version.

You can be disappointed that console versions were cancelled but Slightly Mad Studios didn't scam anyone. But I guess the facts won't stand in the way of your misplaced anger.

Take my upvote, take all of my upvotes.

You can be disappointed that console versions were cancelled but Slightly Mad Studios didn't scam anyone. But I guess the facts won't stand in the way of your misplaced anger.

Funny enough I can tell that for every major release of Nintendo this year. Star Fox Zero, playable. Federation Force, ok. Color Splash, actually funny. Are all disappointments, yes. But I just think people do got a bit too emotional. Especially when neither of those are the worst examples what has come out of those franchises, they're just not up there with the best iterations.

Thu Nov 17 16 01:18am
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Well, the final word on those games are subjective opinions not facts but I get what you're saying.

And I hate to break it to you but it has been established, hen this whole thing was still fresh, that slightly MAD either deceived, misled or outrightly lied concerning a WiiU version.

It's all water under a bridge at this point but don't try to misinform people on here.

Feel free to continue believing what isn't true then. I'm not going to waste any time on an angry internet person.

And feel free to continue believing "your" truth. I'm not going to waste time on a deluded internet person.

Posts like that must be the Internet equivalent of "I know you are but what am I". Haha.

Thu Nov 17 16 08:29am
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That is simply not true, The 1st platform it was annouced for was the PC & not much later they added the Wii U because lots of potencial backers were demanding it, it was a PC/Wii U game for more than a year, then when it was near the launch period, out of the blue they announced the PS/Xbox versions & that there wasn't gonna be a Wii U version.
You need some fact checking dude, re-writting history like that is shamefull!!!

You need some fact checking dude, re-writting history like that is shamefull!!!
Not being familiar with Project Cars, I don't know who's right and who's wrong here. What I do know, though, is that nobody here is intentionally trying to "rewrite history"

Ok, thanks for your input.

EA stinks anyway. I hate it when they can't make up their mind. Like that Mass Effect 3 for Wii U but NO 1st or 2nd ME. WTH EA?!

Wed Nov 16 16 11:54pm
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Buh? Project Cars was developed by Slightly Mad Studios (an independent dev) and published by Bandai Namco?

Oh. My bad. Lol still disappointed

The game sucked! Not fun, car drove like crap, and that so called physics engine was garbage! Wii U owners were spared! Trust me!

Hopefully, a great driving game will come on the switch, heck... give me F-Zero!

I forgot that it even released on anything, tbh. And that 90s-looking Racer also died[?].

Here's hoping that some realistic driving game makes the Switch [this will never get old lol], for those that like them [since F-Zero wouldn't apply].

I see Ridleysaria already took care of this but the game was never promised to come out on the Wii U. They spoke about it then backtracked. Granted, they also said they would be looking into Nintendo's next hardware to try and fill the gap for Nintendo owners. They apparently also backtracked there. That's sad and all if you were expecting the game but they never promised anything and they did not rip you off.

I still have no plans to buy Project CARS, so that works for me, personally.

Even if there was a WIi U/Switch version, wouldn't get it, anyways. Not because of Slightly Mad, just because I don't really care for racing games.

This got more coverage than it deserved back in the day. Let's not make this into another big thing. No one would be buying a port of this game at this point.

It was interesting how much the versions of which platform this game was for (or not for) changed over time.

That being said, I would not want Project Cars now. I would want Project Cars 2. And if it as easy to port from XBO/PS4 as the chip-maker says, that should not be difficult.

Of course, pride will probably prevent this from happening or doom it to poor sales if it does occur.


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