Pokemon Sun/Moon's initial shipment hits 10 million, a record for 3DS

Nintendo, Game Freak and Pokemon Co. are expecting some very big things from Pokemon Sun/Moon. It's clear the hype is way beyond what it usually is, and that's considering how big hype normally hits for a new Pokemon game. We could end up seeing a lifetime best-seller on 3DS. Let's see how quickly those 10 million units sell!


I wonder if they're counting digital pre-orders in with that figure.

I don't think so. I would assume it's physical only since it involves shipments.

Thu Nov 17 16 03:28am
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That's shipped not sold. So no.

Thu Nov 17 16 07:02am
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Nintendo could have sold 500 million 3ds had they gotten sun & moon released the same day as Pokemon GO. There will be ppl on the smartphone GO app that will pick the game up but since GO audience has dropped big time, you won't see 3ds passing the 100m milestone just yet. But really Nin could have had the biggest selling handheld ever if they just released Sun & Moon together with GO & had communication between the games. Now they regret not doing it & lets hope those GO fans that left end up coming back to pick up sun & moon.

I don't think there is too much overlap between people trying out a free game and people spending $200 to buy a 3DS and a Pokemon game. If most people stopped playing Go after a month then they weren't that big of fans to begin with.

It definitely would have helped to sell more, but not on the magnitude you are referring to imo.

They do have to buy a new 3ds system. Had Nintendo & GS worked together to heavily advertise used 3ds's along with New ones the crowd would have had seen the many options. There is also study that a lot of smart users love to throw away cash so I believe they could have had some god times. Well at least they tried & next time they better come out gun blazing.

Nothing like a good old game rushing. And then people complain about quality issues or post patches.

Although that's also the complain GO got, for people who actually play games it got old quickly.

Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

True, damn us all. But some ppl think Mario Run will sell billions when released but I don't see it selling that huge. I'll say a good 12m at max.

I get the impression people are warranting success for something either being a phenomenon or not. Pokemon GO shook the world, possibly generate copycats and possibly created a genre only possible on mobile.

Super Mario Run I think at most can be a justified 10 dollar purchase on mobile and we'll likely debate that. I think expectations may have been higher if it had a new artstyle but I get the one they went for resonates more with the masses.


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