Metroid developer interview with Yoshio Sakamoto and Hiroji Kiyotake

The Metroid™ game series holds a special place in the hearts of gamers across the world. Now you can find out what went into the making of the original game 30 years ago.

In the latest edition of the Nintendo developer interview series, the creative minds behind Metroid explain how they came up with the iconic characters and how they overcame crushing deadlines to make this classic game. Read the interview here.

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Full interview here

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Thu Dec 01 16 10:45pm
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"Kiyotake: [To first-time players] I'd like to say, "This is how hard games used to be!" (laughs)"

No map.

Thirty energy at respawn.

Three bullets only.

Final Destination.

Wasn't Kid Icarus also made with the same blueprints, just instead of a single interconnected environment it was cut into several straightforward levels and a test of might dungeon, I don't know, like a boss hideout perhaps?

Fri Dec 02 16 01:25am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

"Wasn't Kid Icarus also made with the same blueprints"

More or less, yeah. Might have had something to do with them both being Gunpei Yokoi/Sakamoto joints.

"several straightforward levels and a test of might dungeon"

Mario template. A couple standard levels and then a tower stage.

"I don't know, like a boss hideout"

Not just bosses, but the towers also have all the Eggplant Wizard rooms.

*eye involuntarily twitches*

*blood pressure elevates*

*reaches for pack of nicorettes*


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