Metro newspaper claims Switch due out March 17th for £245, Laura Kate Dale chimes in

That would put the Switch at about $300 in the states. I really think that price point is pushing things, so I hope it comes in a bit lower. For the release date, it seems to be right on the money! Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up.

UPDATE - For what it's worth, GameSeek has added the March 17th to their preorder page. GameSeek is the retailer from a few weeks back that let you plop down £198.50 for a guaranteed price on the Switch. In other words, if the actual price went up, you would still only pay £198.50.


I wonder if they got the Euro price, and mistakenly stated it as pounds. That would put it in line with the reports.

Fri Jan 06 17 01:58pm
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$300 is DOA.

Sony and MS can release their systems higher initially because they have third party support. With that said, both PS4 and Xboner are now $249. Any price above that is a bad move by Nintendo.

They learned in December that $10 is too much for a Mario game. So $300 is WAY too much for a system. $199 is the ideal price point. With a packed in game. And possibly a mail order wife.

That's the current sale price and what they were selling for the holiday season. Most placed have them both at $300.starting. I highly doubt this system will be as low as $199.

Well I'm not buying until its $199 or it really blows me away Thursday. And I'm not as optimistic as the Nintedno faithful who apparenlty didn't "Feel the Bern" of the WiiU console and its empty promises. Not to mention My Nintendo Rewaards and almost no Western 3rd party support even on 3DS.

Fri Jan 06 17 02:17pm
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But those are older systems, NS is going to be brand new. I was thinking about the 250 range would be pretty spot on, really. Wouldn't mind if it was cheaper of course ;)

EDIT: RReally should spell-check after writing from the phone :D

I hate phone typing to, or touch screen period.

PS4 and XBoner released new SKUs for this holiday. They are new. And they already have an install base and more games. Nintendo has to sell Switches, so being more expensive with no backwards comptability and maybe 10 games at launch is not going to wow a lot of people and unless 1 of those game is the Wii Sports of this generation.

We'll just have to wait and see what Friday brings.

Chaos as people try to preorder Switch.
Anger as people proclaim they could not preorder Switch.
Evil laughter from scalpers who manager to eat up more than 50% of the preorders.
"Please Understands" from Nintendo as they claim they had no idea people were interested in Switch.
Joy from Sony and MS as people just buy a PS4 or Xboner because they don't want to deal with Nintendo's BS anymore.

That's just my theory of course. But Nintendo is currently a compnay with no one who loves gaming controlling the ship. It's troublesome. Whatever that new guy's name is, he's a banker. Has said as much. Not a gamer.

No that would put the Switch at $245. For some reason consoles dont adjust based on region. So if its $245, it will be €245 for Europe. Sony and Microsoft do this too.

Their using the pound currency. Not the Euro. I also made that mistake. $250~245Euro~300 Pounds.

$300 at the most and that has to be for a bundle option that includes a major game like Zelda, pro controller, more memory, etc.

I still feel like US$300 will be the most Nintendo will risk selling this thing, though I'm still gunning for a $250 price point. I'm also going to hazard a guess that we'll only be getting one SKU that's the Switch and Dock, the Joy-Con Grip, and a pack-in game. I want to say that the remastered/director's cut of Splatoon could be the pack-in on a global level as rumoured, but part of me feels that regions outside of Japan may get the remastered/director's cut Mario Kart 8 instead. Both would move units well enough in their given territories, while showcasing major aspects of the system.

£245 is a weird price - surely it'd be rounded down to £240 [or up to £250]?

That said, I'm sure Brexit is gonna jack up the price here in the UK to £300 compared to the rest of the world's prices...

Fri Jan 06 17 06:59pm
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For a system that doubles as a handheld which will require multiple purchases for families with kids (I'll need to buy 3 of them), for $300 it will be a non-purchase for my family. Even $250 is pushing it.

I don't believe the the 3DS will still be Nintendo's handheld. They said the same thing about the GBA when the DS was released (remember the "third-pillar" silliness?). The only way the 3DS remains the main Nintendo handheld line is if the Switch tanks hard. Even at $300 I don't see it doing that, but it will not be any more successful than the Wii U if they attempt to gouge people.

I hope you are right. I want to see a successor to the 3DS. The Switch looks like its going to possibly be a jack of all trades, but master of none problem.

Fri Jan 06 17 08:28pm
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Pretty sure at this point 50 bucks is pushing it for Nintendo.

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