Finnish retailer lists various Nintendo Switch accessories from ORB, pictures included

The following listings come from Finnish retailer Konsolinet, who started listing Nintendo Switch accessories from a company called ORB...

ORB Essentials Travel Pack (Black hard shell protective case, car charger cigarette lighter, in-ear headphones, screen protector, cleaning cloth and a protective cover for game) - €29.95

ORB Game Card Holder 16 - €12.95

ORB Screen Protector & Cloth - €9.95

ORB Silicone Grip & Protector - €16.95

ORB Stand - €14.95

ORB Thumb Grips - €9.95

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So getting the first one but would be nice if they have silicones just for the JoyCon itself.

The Silicone Grip & Protector seems more fit for if you are planning to keep your Switch in Portable/Handheld mode or plan to keep the JoyCons attached. Kind of defeat the At Home & Go slide on/slide off ease they been adverting of the JoyCons.

Mon Jan 09 17 09:37am
Rating: 2

I'll wait for the Hori stuff, if anything. I do really hope the switch comes with some dope Nintendo earbuds (secretly made by HTC)

Mon Jan 09 17 01:17pm
Rating: 1

HTC does make some killer earbuds.

I wonder how the Switch will fit in the dock with extra bulk from a case.


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