RUMOR - Best Buy gets notification to change Switch price to $250

UPDATE - More information has come in, and it seems the Reddit admins have received enough information to consider the source valid. We now know the Switch has the SKU 5670100 in Best Buy’s system, is listed with the placeholder name “Nintendo N2” and shows a price of $249.99.

Our inside source told us that GameStop higher-ups were having a meeting with Nintendo to discuss main details of Switch preorders. What's going on with other retailers? Rumor has it that Best Buy got some information as well. According to one source, the retailer got a price change report to list the Switch at $250. A rumor for now, but certainly one that's music to our ears.

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Tue Jan 10 17 02:30pm
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At $250 the Switch might be extremely hard to find. I am really hoping to get a pre order.

Tue Jan 10 17 02:37pm
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I was holding out hope for $199 because I'm cheap... but the extra $50 won't stop me from getting one.

Regardless of true or false. I just find baffling the idea of last minute price change.

Tue Jan 10 17 03:14pm
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That might be a tad misleading. Might not be a price change more of a price adjustment to match what will be said in 2 days.

Tue Jan 10 17 04:38pm
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Yeah, I'd assume price "change" from TBD to $250.

If true, it confirms it'll be an impressively powered handheld as well as an impressively weak console.

Are you a half empty or half full person?

Most likely weaker than the other Big 2, but maybe not "impressively weak".

Especially considering the 1st Gen PS4 and Xbox One S seem to float around $250 to $300 if you can catch a good sale these days.

This is also the first time Nintendo's worked with Nvidea (IIRC), so who knows how much more optimized the tech might be compared to their usual partner AMD(?).

I think the switch of processor manufacturer is notable, given that Nvidia has had a notable lead against AMD/ATI in both the PC and mobile markets.

Seems too low when iPhones cost over $600. I was expecting about $300. Hopefully it isn't overly weak.

It's a new architecture. I suppose for Nintendo that's improvement.

Tue Jan 10 17 03:05pm
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$250 is the price I've been gunning for since the reveal trailer, so if this is confirmed on Thursday night, I'll be happy. The single SKU thing is also something I thought would happen: now I'm just wondering if it will come with a pack-in or not.

EDIT: The more I think about it, the more I believe it has to come with a pack-in. If it doesn't, then it opens itself up to "why buy [this] when I can spend a little bit more to get [that], and [that] also comes with a game?" And while I'm being weird, I'll go ahead and guess 64GB internal storage rather than 32GB.

If there's a pack-in, which I don't assume, I'd guess Splatoon. Shows off the flexibility of Switch playing online or meeting up to play local (local was limited in the original); was already mostly developed, so low cost; most Nintendo fans already own it, so potentially less demand/more fragmentation; and very multiplayer focused, so instant huge player base. I know a lot of non-WiiU owners were curious about trying it, too, so makes the base package even more enticing.

Agreed. I was initially thought Mario Kart as the superior pack-in when the Splatoon pack-in rumor started, but it does make more sense. Not only can it do all of what you said, but it also allows them to push a new IP whose success was hampered by the small userbase of the Wii U. Splatoon 1.5/2/Refresh/Remix'd/Director's Cut would really help sell the system. Jeez, now I'd be shocked if Splatoon isn't a pack-in if they decide to have one.

I was looking at stats recently, and Splatoon sold 4.5 million. Sure the Wii U may have hindered it from being more successful, but even games in general that's a big success.

That's what I meant. More than aware that Splatoon is a pretty damn successful IP, but it could have been more so if it didn't debut on Nintendo's worst selling console.

Reddit admin now confirming this data.

Moderators of r/NintendoSwitch. Not Reddit admins.

Thanks for making that distinction.

As long as Switch really does replace both the 3DS and Wii U I'm far from worried about its success.

Tue Jan 10 17 03:38pm
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That should automatically make it pretty successful in a normal sense, but I think it also raises the bar. 3DS was a success in the end, but I'd imagine Nintendo expects this to sell more than that system.

Come on $250 CAD... I doubt it but I can always hope.

I say it will be around 290/300$ here if we are lucky. 320$ at most.
I hope I'm wrong and it's less... But the 99$ New 3DS for the black friday was 139$ here... so 40% more... if it's the same rate, it could even go as high as 350$, but I think it would be too horrible.

Given both Sony and Microsoft have done exact conversions... Nintendo will probably follow suit and charge $319.99. Especially if that rumour of them taking region-free serious is true (that they'll price it the same through conversions everywhere).

The price wouldn't be so bad if sales tax wasn't a big fat 13% dump. I hope they point out the Canadian cost unlike Sony with the PS4 Pro where you had to dig to some random website to find out.

Yeah, 320$ is pretty much my best bet too.
And yeah, I almost went to buy a PS4 not long ago, seeing the price cut online, but when I learned the canadian price I stopped right there, thinking, wow, no price cut here? What a bummer.. then I realized that we did have one... just... well, not enough for me.

Tue Jan 10 17 10:30pm
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And I don't think the price cut even made up for the price hike they charged like, 4 months into its release.

Tue Jan 10 17 04:07pm
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I wonder if you can use this withoit the joycons like a tablet. I know touchscreen isn't confirmed, but a supposedly 6" "tablet" at $250? With Pokemon Go Nintendo would be drowning in green, but it is Nintendo and I think rumor has it no 3G/5G...

Edit: nm forgot Amazon's Fire Tablwt of same size is $100 lol but still I think it would help

Price change FROM what?

Thread was locked and OP was deleted. Seems debunked.

Tue Jan 10 17 05:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

On the contrary, us mods removed it as well as had the user delete it. I've sent the correct post to link to via the Fix the Story link.

It has been verified as something in Best Buy's systems, but the price could still be a placeholder.

Target has it place held at $299.99 with a SKU of 207-29-1000.

So maybe the entry Switch is $249 and the premium is $299.

Here's my source:

How is this music to anyone's ears, when the original rumor was that it would sell for $200?

Tue Jan 10 17 09:13pm
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What rumor said $200? No rumor we had ever mentioned pricing that low. If you're thinking of this, then that translates to $250 in USD.


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