RUMOR - Target showing 15 Switch games, $299 price in their system

Now the question is...which retailer leak is right? Does Best Buy have the right price at $250, or is Target in the know with their $300?

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Well sounds to me like TARGET would be PRECISE.

Heh. That was pretty good.

Tue Jan 10 17 11:13pm
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Well, since the Best Buy one was supposedly a "change" to $250, maybe the plan was to sell at $300 but then they decided to push it back. Target just hasn't updated their system yet.

I think that's what it is too.

I'm guessing that it will be $250 but it's possible that there could be two models like the Wii U had at launch.

Trust no one, not even Nintendo.

plot twist: they're both right

300 might indicate acceptable power, so I wouldn't really mind.

My guess is it would be exactly as powerful as we think it is but $300.

Wed Jan 11 17 12:16am
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Neither. It'll be 599 US Dollars.

Okay, but will it have Ridge Racer? RIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRRR?

Wed Jan 11 17 01:18am
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Would an HD Remaster of this suffice?

Actually it's a pretty good Ridge Racer.

Wed Jan 11 17 11:51am
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Oh I agree. It's way better than even the recent one that came to Vita as a paid demo. lol


3DS $249 USD = $349 AUD
Wii U Basic $299 USD = $349 AUD

I'm guessing no matter which way the Switch goes, it will be $349 in Australia!?!?!

Do you remember how much the Wii was?

2 bundles, one at 250 the other at 300.
I was expecting 300€ and that's what I would pay for it.

Also at this point we should really just wait for real info. I mean it is coming tomorrow.

Target's got the Splatoon-pack in exclusivity, obviously.

Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me if they did that!

didn't nintendo raise the launch price of the wii after seeing how much hype it was getting? I heard it was supposed to be 199.99 but they raised it to 249.99 it once they saw how anticipated it was. Could have been one of those internet rumors though.

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