Skylanders Imaginators lets you store scanned Skylanders on the Switch

Feel like playing Skylanders Imaginators, but don't want to keep plopping characters down on the Portal of Powers? The Switch version might be for you! All you have to do is scan them in a single time, and then the game's digital library feature lets you save their data. You can save up to 300 characters in total!

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Now the question is, does it use the switch's built in scanner or do I need to still use a portal?

built in NFC scanner. The game doesn't even come with the base on this version

really now... I might just get this on day one.

This is what the 3DS versions did. You scanned a figure and it'd "rip" it to the game, and you scanned it again to rewrite it when you wanted another character. Those games ripped only two figures at a time, dunno what the Switch's limit is.

Hint, it's in the little blurb in the article ;)

How'd I miss that?
...and holy hell 300.


Agreed. It was why I stopped using Amiibo on Smash Bros 4 after a while.

Sun Jan 15 17 02:13pm
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Yes, I agree as well. It would be very convenient to not have to get up and tap all those Amiibo every time

It would also be nice to get some kind of save backup tool for Amiibos on Switch. That way we no longer have to delete our Amiibo data for a different game, or buy a copy of that Amiibo to work with a different game. The limited save data on Amiibos is ridiculous, and I don't understand why they can't be saved onto a game's data, instead of the amiibo's data. A Save swap tool would be real convenient. We could copy our save data for an Amiibo, and label it for what game it's used for, like SSB, or Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for example. Then when we try scanning an Amiibo into a different game, but it alerts us that we already have save data on it, that's where the tool would come in handy. You could erase the Amiibo's current data, while the save data is already backed up, and now we can use the Amiibo like it's brand new, without losing our old save data. When we want to use the old save data again, all we'd have to do is open the save tool, back up our current data onto a separate file, and swap the new data with the old.

Mon Jan 16 17 09:27am
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That would be ideal, and I definitely would want that! I do understand why the save data is limited, though. I believe that storage is very expensive, so it can't be too big. And for certain functionality, the data does need to be saved on the Amiibo instead of the game data. For Smash Bros, for example, the idea is that you train your Amiibo at home and then take it to a friend's house for a competition. That wouldn't be possible if the Amiibo data was saved in the game save data itself

But yep. A save swap tool in the home menu (hopefully quick to use, etc.) would give us the best of all worlds

Not everyone uses Amiibos for on the go though. I don't care about using Amiibos on different consoles, I just want to use them for the games specifically. I could care less about using Amiibos with friends, because none of my friends have Amiibos, or like Nintendo. I'm all about using Amiibos for single player experience, so the lack of having the option to use Amiibos as keys to accessing save data for separate games on one console is a bit annoying.


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