Ubisoft once again pledges strong Switch support, "another few games" in next fiscal year

If you're wondering, the next fiscal year for Ubisoft kicks off April 2017, so not long after Switch launch at all. We already know what some of those games are, but we're sure there's some secrets yet to be revealed.

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Thu Feb 09 17 01:34pm
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Fractured butthole?

Mario x Rabbids confirmed.

I don't trust Ubisoft since how they royaly screwed WiiU's lineup.

Thu Feb 09 17 02:46pm
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Actually, of all the third parties, Ubi at least TRIED on the system.

I disagree. You don't get a free pass just because you tried. it is true that Ubisoft WAS one of the major supporters of the WiiU but do you remember what happened? Legends changed from being a WiiU exclusive to a multiplatform game. Aright no problem you'd think right? NO. They've kept the finished version of the game in a warehouse for MONTHS just because they wanted (or they had to) release the games simultaneously. This created a MASSIVE hole where the WiiU owners had nothing to play just because of a Microsoft policy which states that multiplatform games must be released on the SAME DAY on their system or not be released at all. I don't blame the devs, they've made a fantastic entry in one of my favourite series. I blame Ubisoft for being so ready to bend over for microsoft instead of telling them to piss off. They shouldn't have gotten a way with that but they did. And somebody else had to pay the price for it.

First; just cause they tried doesn't grant them immunity to their failures upon the Wii U where they had them. They tried, that should still be noted. They still forced out an AC game, they still gave us Watch Dogs after months of hounding them (which is still more than most other teams of that caliber even considered).

Secondly; Even with the Rayman Legends debacle, if the game released at its originally defined time there would still be a hole in the Wii U's lineup. Don't try to even pin that on Ubisoft, it technically wasn't their fault (though they sure as hell didn't help it).

Still. They'll need to have more than nice words and promises to raise them from GARBAGE status in my eyes. I guess I should wait and see.

WHAMBULANCE! Jeez, let it go. Rayman Legends came out eventually. They couldn't break the contractual policy that Microsoft imposes, otherwise Ubisoft would be sued.

Honestly, learn how business works, appreciate that Wii U not only got the game, it was the best version, and GROW UP.

What? Just because I don't like how they handled the game doesn't mean I should "grow up". Rayman was an exclusive in the first place and later announced multiplatform just because they got a lot of players asking to port it on something other than WiiU, When Microsoft demanded that they release their games simultaneously they could simply just decide to not port it on xbox- I mean cmon the xbox demographic does not play games like rayman mostly so they could easily ignore that console and teach microsoft to not be so arrogant with their policies(seriously that sounds like early nintendo when it dominated the market).

This also happened because 3rd parties didn't really have that much confidence in the WiiU becase "it's message was hard to convey". Even I was scratching my head at first wondering what it was("are they trying to make a home console DS?") and unless you played a game that used the feature well, you'd fail to see the benefit of the WiiU having a tablet controller. This all changed with the switch where it's message is clear and is currently given lots of attention. We will see how will Ubisoft behave this time. I just don't want to accept them with open arms and will wait and see which games are we getting from them AND if we're getting them at the promised times.

I don't think being skeptical is a bad thing. If more people were like this, we wouldn't have had so many people asking for refunds on No Man's Sky. ;D


mystical bovine
Thu Feb 09 17 01:28pm
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Fractured but whole please!

Thu Feb 09 17 01:28pm
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Beyond Good & Evil 2? It's pretty much all I care about from Ubisoft.

I really want another Rayman platformer. Origins and Legends were so good.

They are bringing a port of Legends to Switch, but I'm guessing you mean a brand new one.

Child of Light sequel? Please?

Really great game. That UbiArt engine, period, needs another outting!

Don't worry, there will absolutely be another Just Dance after this one, and old ports like Rayman Legends.


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