Switch Joy-Con desyncing issue examined/tested, possible answer found

As you can see, it looks like the issue might have something to do with the Joy-Con being blocked almost completely, or the Joy-Con losing sight with the Switch in some way. All I can tell you is that I haven't had this issue happen at all, but I've been playing with the included Joy-Con grip.

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There's no excuse for this guys. Its an $80 controller that can't get its signal past a human hand. It's not IR tech, and its not a "there's too many additional signals" issue. No other modern controller has this issue. It's a weak signal.

This is shockingly bad on Nintendo’s part.

Most likely that there are additional signals in the room causing interference, and then there a ton of stuff that'll reflect a wireless signal

Thu Feb 23 17 07:02pm
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We live in an age where everything is wireless. It is Nintendo's mistake.

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That embarassing typo, lol.

Now you're also pointing out typos and calling them embarrassing? What happened to you, man? I found you three times this week alone, doing things I thought you were above

Fri Feb 24 17 01:16am
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*Sigh* I pointed out my own typo.... I've corrected it above.

I spelt "live" as "love". I was embarrassed by my own typo.

Oh. Well, sorry. I thought you were pointing out his typo of "truely". My mistake!

Don't worry about it, just level with me for a second. I'm not evil.

Evil huh....

...Villian_Blade Smile

Bwahahaha! We are not so different, fellow blade. Join my evil army!

Will you accept me if I bring motion controls with me?

Nah, the league of evil has passed this "motion".

The Wii had a similar thing regarding how the sensor bar worked with the IR pointer, I generally had to ensure I had absolutely nothing blocking the IR pointer. The Switch console might have a sensor bar like thing built in, as the joy-cons do have IR sensors.

There's no excuse for this guys. Its an $80 controller that can't get its signal past a human hand. It's not IR tech, and its not a "there's too many additional signals" issue. No other modern controller has this issue. It's a weak signal.

it can still be changed with a firmware update.

Hopefully. Best-case scenario, a firmware update can fix it. Worst-case scenario, Nintendo will have to replace a lot of Joycons.

Hell they'd do it to, they replaced copies of games like Twilight Princess and Super Paper Mario when people discovered save breaking bugs.

I guess that's my whole deal here: if there's an issue then yes it will get fixed, be it through a software update (this seems most likely based on what I'm hearing, apparently you can strengthen the signal through the firmware) or asking for a replacement joycon. Nintendo has a good history with fixing hardware and software problems pretty quickly, I don't know why a small few people are acting like this is such a big deal. Hell I know it won't be for any anyway because of how I have myself set up. I play games in such a way that I always ensure no interference of any kind.

Thu Feb 23 17 09:52pm
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What are you basing that on? I don't see data contacts on joycons.

Thu Feb 23 17 06:30pm
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I wrote this on comment in the video:

Great find Andre, your last bit about the signal strength makes a lot more sense than desyncing with the example of the right joy-con analog stick moving a bit better when the port light is covered or behind your back. Remarkable, if this is truly the case I believe a firmware patch down the road (not at launch) can fix the signal problem with the joy-cons. I say this cause just like it was found now that bluetooth headsets aren't compatible with the Switch which is strange cause the console has Bluetooth 4.0 and the joy-cons use 3.0, there should be on channel left for bluetooth headset signal. (depending on the channel it uses)

So a firmware update down the road to fix this signal issue with the Switchs' bluetooth in theory should enable and fix the signal issue.

I forgot to mention the interference from the room your in like the vid mentions and also in the comment section but I do believe fixing the signal will resolve that as well too.

Thu Feb 23 17 06:39pm
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So you guys think with the thousands of hours of hardware testing and all of the Switch experience days etc., nobody would have noticed this? This is clearly a small software issue with the firmware the retail units were shipped with.

This is what I suspect as well. It would be very unlike Nintendo to allow something like this happen.

Thu Feb 23 17 06:40pm
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They firmware-update will cure this.
I'm sure it will. Nintendo never released hardware that was not fully functional.

Thu Feb 23 17 06:47pm
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"That's why the pawns go first."

Here, here!

I can say this cause I'm not getting a Switch at launch. I knew there might be issue with the Switch, I never imagined it would be a controller issue but like OS issue. Go figure.

Like it was said here as well there's no excuse for this, this something that should be tested. It may be big deal to some or over time if not right away but if I was getting this at launch, I'd just deal with it cause understanding why this happening comforts me that fix will happen down the road. At least that's how I look at long term but currently this is unacceptable for sure.

crusher talos
Thu Feb 23 17 06:57pm
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There are always lemons when making electronics.
Were there any reports of the joy-cons having this issue during any of conferences or events that people got to play these things?

Think about how many complaints there are when a new iphone comes out and those complaints end up disappearing into the internet ether...
Lets calm down people.

Thu Feb 23 17 06:59pm
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If someone 15 years ago had told me I would be reminded of Chicken Little on a daily basis I would have called them a filthy liar, it's ok to be concerned but I can assure you the sky is not falling. At least wait until you experience a problem before blowing your top.

I guess I did a good thing getting a pro controller. Still, this is unacceptable. Even a minuscule amount of testing should have caught this.

I don't see how a miniscule amount of testing couldn't have been done. What I see is first line mishaps that happen in every type of mass produced product. If it's serious, well, then there's the second or third line.

*That may also be why they didn't make that many.*

If mine comes with an issue, I fully expect Nintendo to compensate me.

Here's Blunty's take on this:


According to him, it could be a case of a weak signal used to preserve battery life. Such a weak signal that the water present in the human body can block the signal. :\

I find it incredible that Nintendo wouldn't have noticed this if it was truly a hardware issue. Either way Nintendo needs to address this ASAP.

Thu Feb 23 17 07:33pm
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I was about to post this and I can't believe I forgot that a boost is the signal means will eat the batteries of the joy-cons even more. 20hrs is great (more than I expected) but I think at least for I can take sacrifice in battery power for signal strength. With so many way to change the joy-cons it almost seem like a no brainer but I can see why Nintendo made the choice to make the signal weak as it is. They made the tough choice (probably through testing) that signal issue isn't something that happens to often (perhaps) so they went with battery power over signal strength.

So this also confirms once again the this can be fixed with firmware update but ultimately your sacrificing one power for a better signal strength.

So what's it going to be guys; better signal strengths or more battery life for your joy-cons. Where do you stand on this? What is more important to you?

why wasn't this reported any ANY of the Switch demo events??

Maybe because the players were generally very close to the system?

I think I actually saw this happen once in a live demo: https://youtu.be/rfK3jmdNVtQ?t=26m53s
In one of the Japanese live streams they played 1-2-Switch eating contest and the controller failed to register the lady's eating motions.

I think that's more because you're supposed to keep your maw gaping wide open during 'synchronization', whereas she did none of that. During Treehouse Live, a guy also had this issue a little bit, on this exact part as well

They should really test the Joycons in the charging grip just to see.... not that I'll ever use the joycons outside of being attached to the Switch itself... Pro controller too sexy.

Some people have gotten in contact with NoA and yes the signal strength issue will be fixed in the day 1 update, for the time being people with review units are recommended to stick with using the grip for the joycons.

Here's one of the guys who got in contact:

I hope that guy's information is solid.

Whilst I have no doubt they will fix the issue at some point, for the love of everything don't trust stealth__

The guy is known for lying constantly for attention and then when called out for it provides no evidence and proclaims to be being bullied.

Seriously that's the issue ?

Okay this is a non-event. Do people ever learn ?

Fri Feb 24 17 09:53am
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What's wrong? I'd say that's quite the issue if a mere hand already blocks the signal to the unplayable


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