Super Bomberman R sells out on Amazon

Let's hope Konami sees this and realizes that people still want classic Bomberman! Amazon is currently sold out of Super Bomberman R, something many outlets said wouldn't happen. There was lots of talk of Konami pricing the game too high and sending it out to die, but clearly that's not the case!

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Tue Feb 28 17 02:09am
Rating: 9

As much as I like the boxart, this is one of those games best downloaded... To have at all times.

I panicked then i remembered I was downloading it for that same reason!

Tue Feb 28 17 04:22pm
Rating: 1

Wait, what were you even panicking over?

The sellout, and that they might not be able to pick the title up.

Tue Feb 28 17 05:15pm
Rating: 1

Ah, I see. I feel kinda stupid for not realizing that on my own, heh

Nah, don't feel stupid. You're one of the nicest, least judgmental people on this entire site, which is maybe the friendliest video game community online. So you have nothing to feel bad about!

Wow. Thank you. I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me!

About Bomberman running out when I really wanted it; It was only a split second panic! I had some time earlier decided to get it digitally because I want to keep games with online multiplayer on the system.

I know all about those mini heart attacks! Not too long ago, I suddenly asked myself if I properly paid for the Zelda preorder. Because if I didn't, that'd mean no Zelda.

Luckily my preorder did go through correctly. Phew

Same here! I thought I was going to be without money for Zelda when it shipped but luckily I was paid in time.

Tue Feb 28 17 01:43am
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Well, people clearly love the series, and this is the first new entry since how long? Sure there are those who think the price is too high, but what is that when it comes to the resurrection of a long-lost and much loved series? If the game is great, then why not pay a little more and avoid the risk of the franchise being shelved once more?

Tue Feb 28 17 02:09am
Rating: 9

Tue Feb 28 17 08:31am
Rating: 3

As much as I love "2D" style Bomberman, I'd love for another 3D adventure in the vein of the 64 games.

Or maybe an HD collection of 64, Second Attack, and Hero.

For whatever reason, Bomberman Hero is one of my top 10 N64 games, and would love to have it on the go on the Switch.

Tue Feb 28 17 03:06am
(Updated 1 time)

Well, it's pretty much the most multiplayer-friendly game on release...

As soon as Snipperclips, Fast RMX, and shovel knight were announced as day one, I cancelled my Bomberman preorder. I plan to pick Bomberman up one day, but Zelda, 1 2 Switch, Snipper Clips, Fast, and Bomberman seemed to getting a little pricey for a day one multiplayer party.

I wonder if this has to do with less titles being available on launch day, or that it is the most multiplayer friendly game on release like asrialys said. maybe it's a little of both. I hope that its more of the latter. If so, the Switch will be the best multiplayer console around.

Honestly, with the level of new system hype the Switch has, I'm certain even a boxed RCMADIAX game would sell out.

Tue Feb 28 17 06:57am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

If you have gamers club from best buy this game cost $40 bucks and it even sold out at Best buy because it not able for shipping anymore which means it is out stock, well it was because now it is able to ship lol.
As I said before no single dime was given for this game to come to Nintendo, unlike Yoka Lailee, Project Cars and Bloodstains all cancel for wiiu, at least mighty N9 showed up LOL but still there people looking for reasons to complaint and I even read some say this Bomberman game looks like a cheap mobile app LOL, people underestimate the power of Bomberman.
Even People from Hudson Soft are working on it, omg ppls, more like former Hudson soft to be exact.

Tue Feb 28 17 07:29am
Rating: 2

Yes Bomberman! Climb yourself out of the depths of Konami hell!

Tue Feb 28 17 08:30am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

And while he is doing that, maybe carry a few extra Konami franchises with him.

Tue Feb 28 17 08:32am
Rating: 1

I wanna see Goemon climb out of that endless pit.

Yes please, Soulcaster! Any preference for which series hitch a ride?

Someone already mention Goemon series, so of course Castlevania series is near the top of this list (though with IGA doing his own thing now and the fact I wasn't really fan of the last two entries, not too sure about them being capable), why not Bloody Roar and Adventure Island series too. Oh before I forget, I never was a fan of the series, but can't forget about the Silent Hill series, still baffled about the cancelled last entry in the series.

While they are climbing their way out maybe knock their whole love for Pachinko machines down the pit, but I hear this is what is keeping them afloat... so...

I'd love to see Metal Gear come out of the pit but Konami themselves aren't helping with that "Survive" spin-off. I'm so conflicted about Metal Gear continuing at all anyway because even if Konami makes a non-spin off MG later you know it won't have Kojima, the main driving force behind the series. Though it's not like once Kojima left everyone left with him, to my understanding one of the head producers of the Metal Gear franchise since MGS still works at Konami, and he's actually directing work on Survive.

I wasn't sure if Castlevania counted due to the 3 Lords of Shadow games, but that would be close to the top of my list as well. Adventure Island is up there, too. In fact, I'd probably be happy to see new installments in any of the franchises you mentioned. I'd also add Contra, Zone of Enders, and Rocket Knight in there for consideration!

Castlevania needs all the help it can get, feels like it's going to be a franchise left for dead and be resurrected with the panchinko brand... if that has not happened already. I never mentioned ZoE and MG series because I see them pretty much as Kojima's babies and without him, they will never be the same or come close to it.

I agree about Castlevania. It's nice to see they are doing a Netflix series, but I'm, at best, cautiously optimisitic about that at this point. As for Zone of Enders, you make a good point, but I wouldn't mind them at least taking a shot at it.

Actually Konami is doing so great thanks to their mobile games

Oh, I wasn't commenting on the health of the company overall or anything like that. Just their traditional game system software output has been pretty lackluster and I miss some classic Konami and Hudson properties that seem to have been in limbo for quite a while now.

My wife and I are desperate for a new Dance Dance Revolution.

Tue Feb 28 17 01:49pm
Rating: 1

I haven't played a DDR game since the PS2! That would be great!

I heard it was Pachinko machines keeping them in business still, was not aware they also had a mobile game branch going...

I'm conflicted with this game. I want that amazing boxart, but I also want it digitally to be able to play it anywhere and everywhere with friends without having to carry a cartridge. And I ain't double-dipping for it. The pain is real.

I'm with you. Even though I've been mostly digital for a good while (love having all my games at my fingertips,) that boxart is awesome.

I'll probably stick with digital because it's a perfect game for "anywhere and everywhere with friends," like you mentioned.

It warms my heart to see Bomberman getting such a warm welcome back from the gaming community, especially at a pretty steep price point.


Tue Feb 28 17 09:27am
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Wait but 3rd party games never sell on a Nin system. Was there ever a curse or proof that just goes to show the other fanboys are all bs talkers from the get go.

Ok Konami its time you bring out the big snakes with guns & blood suckers next!

Dammit! Just when I was planning on using my Prime discount to pick this game up!

Tue Feb 28 17 10:06am
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

those 5 copies already sold huh?

still an achievement! Now dear Konami stick a "this is a limited edition" title and we are done!

You're the guy at the birthday party saying "Not the best cake I ever had. Lots of other people have birthdays too, actually."

Wed Mar 01 17 10:22am
Rating: 1

well if we absolutely HAVE to discuss what king of guy I am (while not breaking TOS or any other of this nonsense I tend to usually do) let's just say I am the voice of reason. Bomberman has been released to pretty much any console under the sun, even being a fan of the series, I am not interested.

Wed Mar 01 17 10:27am
(Updated 1 time)

I dunno. Not that I think you're unreasonable or anything, but I don't think you can proclaim yourself to be the voice of reason (which is quite a hefty title) if you have strong principles to the point of boycotting games for the sake of it

EDIT: This refers to moments such as boycotting Zelda for lacking dual audio. Unless I am remembering incorrectly here

Wed Mar 01 17 12:12pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Feel free not to undestand me. That is the extent you are allowed to go. Everything else can be considered bullying. Thank you

"if you have strong principles to the point of boycotting games for the sake of it"
People fight for different things and I don't mind that you don't care or you don't understand what I do.

"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
― Bertrand Russell

I'll be honest, I didn't expect some sentimental speech that paints me as ignorant and misunderstanding

ms fortune
Tue Feb 28 17 10:47am
(Updated 1 time)

I hope this bodes well for the game. It'd be good if the success of this game means at least part of Konami will try and get the company more back on track. At the very least Konami would likely do well to have two separate branches, one dedicated to gaming, and the other for pachinko.

You hear that Konami? When you give people games they want, they'll buy it! Astounding!


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