Denis Dyack says there's a chance Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes could hit Switch

Denis Dyack couldn't be anymore cut-and-dry with his response to a fan question. Someone on Twitter asked Mr. Dyack if there's any chance Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes could see re-release on the Switch. Dyack answered with a very simple "yes", so take that how you will!

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Thx, but no thx very much!!!

Of course there's a "chance". It probably isn't happening.

Not just this game but I believe other MG games will hit the system this year.

Hopefully its a re remake lol

Still radio silent on anything regarding Shadow of the Eternals, eh Denis?

I'd be surprised if that game even existed past what they've shown publicly years ago, at this point.

Thu Mar 16 17 08:18am
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There's a chance I'm actually a robot.

I mean, it's not likely, but there's a chance!

I would definitely rebuy this awesome game.

Apart from f*cking up the rather sobre original cinematics with way too crazy and over the top action, it was brilliant gameplay wise and I still replay it from time to time.

Thu Mar 16 17 06:07pm
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A really good Remake, but without such an impact like the Resident Evil Remake made which offered a complete new experience. But I shouldn't downgrade The Twin Snakes. The Game received a complete graphic overhaul, ne cutscenes directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and a new recorded English Dub produced by David Hater. I would buy the Twin Snakes without hesitation when this is getting a Switch-Remaster (not a GameCube Emulation). Fans are dreaming since the Wii-Era.

He say this at anything if it sounds good. Seriously, he was, is, and always will be a quack. He should be named Denis Quack.

Between the fact that Twin Snakes getting rereleased is in Nintendo and Konami's court, not his, and the fact that his studio doesn't even exist anymore because he pissed off Epic and blew all of Activision's money, and he has about as much authority to say this as I have to say Half-Life 3 might be announced within the next two years.


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