Sonic Forces - first gameplay footage (off-screen) and new details

Working on the details right this minute...

- evolution of Sonic Colors and Generations
- running on Hedgehog Engine 2.0
- reworked boost feature
- wisp power-ups return
- rock-based vocal theme song
- Tomoya Ohtani Is Sound Director
- platforming will be very important, as will be speed
- multiple paths in levels
- three gameplay styles: classic Sonic, modern Sonic and something to be revealed
- visuals being pushed with better lighting and rendering
- Shun Nakamura is directing

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Thu Mar 16 17 07:32pm
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- rock-based vocal theme song

YESSS. I hope this means Crush 40 is back too!

Thu Mar 16 17 07:40pm
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Swear to all various religious deities, if Crush 40 is back I am going to buy this faster than a beam of light.

Also, nice to see Hedgehog Engine be updated, its still one of favourite graphics engines. And yay Wisps. More Sonic Colours is good by me.

Fri Mar 17 17 01:13am
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I LOVED Sonic Colours so much I S-ranked every stage!

I will almost bet that the main theme is called "We are Sonic Forces/
Sonic Forces
and/or that they sing that in the lyrics in the same way as they did in Sonic Heroes's main theme!
Sonic Heroes's song is my FAVOURITE main theme song! And I still waiting for a theme better than IT someday that will pump me up like IT did back in the day!

(Like Shadow the Hedgehog main theme too and it's at least in my top 10 Sonic song)

faster than a beam of light

This sounds like a lyric from a Crush 40 Sonic theme

Thu Mar 16 17 07:43pm
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I want to believe 2017 will keep it's awesome game releases with this release. If anything at the very least Sonic Mania could be the first excelling Sonic game in years.

Too many games to say "try _______" about

Yeah to many high praised games may even help Sonic if the game is merely good as at the very least his games aren't as long as several of the heavy lifters of this year.

Based on two games I was hoping to play eventually. Might work out in favor of this entry that I haven't.

I just beat generations on the PS3 a while ago (after being jealous of that version due to how awful the 3DS port was) and was honestly confused on why people thought it was good... It just didn't feel "tight" enough to me. 3D sonic stages always had this awkward pacing and unless it was on boost (where you could drift or sidestep) it just felt slow and clunky.

The 2D stages weren't much better, as I felt there was a ton of stopping and starting again, similar to the awful stages in the Genesis sonic titles that made me dislike all of them but Sonic CD. (Flashbacks of terrible levels like Marble Zone, Chemical Plant zone [which for some horrid reason was REMADE in the game over a good zone like Emerald Hill or Aquatic Ruin] and Marble Garden Zone come to mind)

I feel like an oddball sonic fan, since I find the Game Gear/Master System Sonic games to be superior to the 16 Bit lineup (save for Sonic Spinball/Triple Trouble, the former of which is the worst Sonic game not on a Game Com and the latter being a game with not enough creative levels to keep me engaged.) and consider Sonic CD (2011 remake) to be the best Sonic game ever made. (Which is why I'm excited for Mania) I had a blast with Adventure 2 due to the multiplayer mode, thought Adventure 1 was OK due to the Chao garden and Tails levels being fun, and didn't care for Heroes much. I think Shadow the Hedgehog was where I lost interest in the series and games I tried out afterwards like Sonic Rush and Secret Rings just bored me. Does anyone else feel the same way I do? I honestly feel lost on how so many people thought Generations was near perfect when it felt like a slow, clunky 3D platformer to me without tight control.

I'm actually surprised that people thought unleashed was any good, considering that was the one that started this mess. Don't get me started with the other sonic games people thought were good (black knight? Ewwww....).

As for generations, I thought it was meh at best. It was at least not terrible. I never liked the 3D to 2.5d shift. It was an unnecessary change in controls. I don't enjoy the idea of scraficing smoothness for a boost mechanic in 3D either.

Well, it all come down to different taste. one group like the classic game play, another group like the adventure game play, and another group like the boost game play. A lot of people like the later. You may don't understand why from a personal level, but it just how it is. It's almost the same with the different game play style with the Mario games.

Personally, I like all the "main three" gameplay style of the Sonic, but at the same time always open to something new, like Lost wolrd's style.

Thu Mar 16 17 09:09pm
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Unless they're doing the final boss fight, Crush 40 probably isn't back for this. The main theme is composed by Tomoya Ohtani, which means they'll probably get some other vocalist to sing it.

I'm pumped for this game! I loved the boost gameplay, and it's clear that is the gameplay that gamers at large (not necessarily the Sonic fanbase) like, so I see this game being successful.

I played Sonic Colors for the first time a few months ago and I was shocked by just how bad it was. And it looks like it's become the new standard for the series so yeah I'm not excited for this in the slightest. The only Sonic games I really like are the Adventure-era ones

Thu Mar 16 17 10:15pm
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A lot of people are surprised, but I'm not. It's the same gameplay as Unleashed and Generations because Sonic Team is too scared to try anything else. I mean, the game that came before the former was 06', so can you really blame them?

They did try out something else, it called Sonic lost world, and we see how many people reacted to that. Personally, I think Lost world's gameplay was alright, but it needed some touched up.

Perhaps another reason they went back to the Generations gameplay (I genuinely forgot about Sonic Lost World.)

It's truly amazing how everyone has a different idea on what makes a "good" Sonic game. SEGA caused some irreparable damage by changing up the gameplay so much over the years. Now, no matter what they do, there's going to be a sizable portion of the fanbase whining about it.

Fri Mar 17 17 01:00am
(Updated 1 time)

I came in here to say basically the same thing. You got fans of Adventure style, Heroes style, Classic style, Lost World style, Boost style, Rush style, Storybook style, Boom Style....like yikes....

That's kind of how it is with franchises that have been experimenting throughout their history... I mean, look at Mario games. You got classic 2D, sandbox 3D, and 3D Land/World type games, and no matter which one Nintendo makes, there will be someone whining how it's 'this one' and not 'that one'.

You know...I'm not complaining about the quality of the footage or anything but atleast effort can be made to do a close up right?

Fri Mar 17 17 02:10am
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Oh my Goooood, I'm so tired of wisps. They're awful to me.

I was wondering why the audio and video quality was so terrible, but I see this is

1. A screen recording
2. Of a Skype call
3. From someone's phone

Yeah, the official stream got cancelled last minute for whatever reason, so this is the best they could do.

Ah, I see. Makes me wonder why the stream got cancelled...

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