New round of Super Mario toys heading to McDonald's Happy Meals

Japan got them, as did our friends in the UK. Now it's finally time to grab them at a McDonald's location in the states! Seems like a great time for them to be releasing here as well. Thanks to Nightram for the heads up!

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Am I childish for being a grown man that buys Happy Meals whenever they have a toy that I want?

As someone who bought Happy Meals for MLP toys, I say no

I feel slightly better now but if you see me playing in the ball pit, call Dr. Phil.

I already have him on speed dial

Thanks but crawling around in the ball pit actually does serve a purpose. I used to find a handful of lost toys in there as a kid every time I looked. I felt like I won the lottery one day after finding 6 Furbies in there and winning three extra value meals and an ice cream cone from the Monopoly game on top of that (I ate them all on the spot). I miss those days.


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