Keys Factory releasing a line of Splatoon 2-themed Switch accessories

- releasing at the same time as the game in Japan
- two sets of JoyCon covers, in both soft silicon style or a hardshell design
- Front Cover series, which folds down over the screen to protect it and when in use
- covers have slots at the top for the Switch vents, game card slot, volume and power buttons
- neoprene pouches

Thanks to TheMaxiGeek for the heads up!

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I want one of those front cover. Not necessarily a Splatoon design; just a front cover in general. Does anyone know where I can get one, because I never saw one of those before

Wed Apr 19 17 08:31am
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Amazon.co.uk has em. Shipping from there to Netherlands is fast too. 2-3 days on average.

Edit; (don't know if I'm allowed to post websites like this, but..) you can buy a Pound based gift shop card for euros via sites that sell gamecards online, like beltegoed.nl, seeing as though we Dutch folk generally don't use creditcards.

Wed Apr 19 17 08:49am
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I see. Thanks! Particularly about the gift cards, because yeah... I don't have a credit card. That has always made it difficult to buy stuff from the eShop or to back stuff on Kickstarter

I like those inksplat ones for the Joycon, though I would like them more if they were transparent or the same color grey the Joycons are.

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