ARMS - artwork for MinMin, playable in NicoNico Choukaigi demo next week

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I like her design, and I really like those Dragon ARMS. Though I doubt using two at the same time will be that good. XD

Can't wait to see Master Mummy's cool art.

I really like her design too. Kind of reminds me of the blond from prison school.

Whoever is creating these ARMS characters is knocking it out of the park (except for springman, I don't like his look).

Prison School? *googles it* Oooh. My opinion of you have forever changed, Blase_Master! ;p


Yes, the designers for these characters are doing a fantastic job so far. Spring Man is clearly the weakest, but he is made to be a bit of a 'blank slate' since he is the main character. They are simple, just like Ryu and the such. I do like him, though. I love his tooth paste hair. :p

Fri Apr 21 17 02:16pm
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Don't lie! You definitely already knew all about Prison School!

Fri Apr 21 17 02:17pm
Rating: 1

If he argues, try to test his stance on that by arm-wrestling lel

Haha I forgot about that scene.

I admit, I did know about it. *ashamed* It is not my type of anime, but I can certanly appreciate it's... um... style. ^^

But anyways, hope to see some good Minmin matches from this Demo event. I wonder if her special Dodge Kick will make her OP, like it does with Ninjara.

Fri Apr 21 17 02:42pm
Rating: 1

Nothing to be ashamed of. I knew of Prison School and I don't even watch anime. I remember a few characters in what I did see, curious if that was why Minmin looks familiar

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