Zelda: Breath of the Wild dev discusses armor and stat boosts

The following info comes from Yoshiyuki Oyama, who was in charge of character/item design in Breath of the Wild

- armor sets not only change Link’s appearance, they also grant him various bonuses when you’re wearing all three parts
- these boosts continue when you upgrade them to ★2
- Sheikah set grants you Night Speed Up
- Radiant Set grants you Stal Lure
- also special pieces of armor that grants you bonuses on their own
- that lets you make various combinations without having to wear all three parts of a set
- Oyama hopes players will enjoy changing their outfit depending on the region they’re exploring
- he also recommends dying the clothes to further customize your appearance


What's the set in the thumbnail, I don't think I have anything from it?

Clothing in this game is so hidden.

It's the Radiant Armor set but re-colored.


Ohh, then I guess I have seen that set.

Thanks for clarifying!

Looks like a dyed radiant set.

I loved using the Sheikah armor set, albeit a bit expensive at first. At the time I didn't even notice the night speed up bonus, I loved it not only because it looked cool, but because it saved me on weapon durability getting in those 1 hit sneaking up kills.

Yep, my most used armor set too... But now that I got it, I really like the look of the male Gerudo suit.

My favorite is the Zora armour recoloured to red followed by the Sheikah armour recoloured to peach! XD

I'm really not missing the traditional Link costume in this game. The new armor sets are so good, and just look way more interesting.

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