RiME still being optimized for Switch, on-track for Q3 release

This comment from the official RiME Twitter account comes out after a rumor said the game was experiencing some rather large framerate issues on Switch. Nice of the RiME gang to comment on the rumor and set things straight. That said, let's hope if there are any issues, they get worked out prior to release.

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Tue May 09 17 05:56pm
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The game could be flawless but there's gonna be one bug they can't fix with a patch. The price of the Switch version. Not buying until they fix it or it goes on sale.

To be honest it's looking like a poor man's ICO. Which is a good thing, but not at a higher price for less graphics when I can buy it on steam for $6 in a year... It's a hard sell.


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