GoNintendo Video - Talking Points: Why does someone have to "win" E3?

E3 2017 is less than a week away, but outlets have been writing articles about who's going to win E3 for weeks now. How did this ever become a thing?!

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Thu Jun 08 17 03:25pm
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Simply put; people vicariously live through the games they play and the companies they choose. Justifying those choices often include trying to convince themselves and others around them that what they chose was the right choice to make.

Pretty much. Stil,l I'm in denial EA will ever be the right choice.

Why does a team have to win the Super Bowl every year? Because people are territorial by nature and the best thing in life is crushing your enemies.

At least that's what Conan says.

Thu Jun 08 17 06:15pm
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Bad analogy since in a sport as far as I know, winning is about the team the plays, smarter, better and with the best performance on play.

E3 sometimes the winner doesn't even turn out to be a memorable game. Like that year Scribblenauts apparently won, or that year RAGE apparently won.

E3 is about showing your best face, like a fashion show. Methinks.

EDIT: Zelda is an exception (so far).

The analogy was not meant to be about the actual event, rather the mentality of people who care about "winning".

A team has to win the Super Bowl because football, by design, is a competitive sport with rules in place to determine a winner and a loser based on how the competitors perform within that framework.

E3 is a trade show.

Thu Jun 08 17 03:32pm
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Winning E3 and game of the show awards as some sort of validation for the console you like most is stupid. Seems like there are people out there that rather spend time arguing/trolling in the comments than actually playing games.

Thu Jun 08 17 03:48pm
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People seem to share the same idea, and I mostly agree, but, there is the factor of gamers who aren't as "hardcore" as us. We follow gaming news every single day (obvliusly) and if a company "wins" E3 it will get more media coverege, hype and sales. "Waaah. Sony is sooo cool, dudes." Said Frank and chose a PS4 above a Switch or XO. But what did Charlie think? ;)

Personally I want all three of them to kick some serious donkey this year. I'm a bit extra hyped for some silly reason.

Thu Jun 08 17 03:53pm
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Because Im poor and cant afford all 3 systems so I have to justify my console purchase.

We cant all aford a PS4 VR, Xbone, and Switch.

People with too much free time on their hands.
Usually gamers waiting for the next big game yo be spoonfed to them instead of going through a backlog or simply just playing some older games they never tried.

Thu Jun 08 17 04:02pm
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Why does raw meat has to sully himself with drama ? always citing haters, trolls and the drama going on. If one takes part in drama no matter what side, you are part of it. Even when you dress like the White Knight of positivity, it still sucks.

I am really annoyed by this approach and the steady fingerpointing he is doing all the time. Whether the shit your throw is brown or pink, its still is shit.

Like you just did here? Why did you decide to do the exact same thing your accusing RMC of?
I'll tell you why... And it's the same reason why RMC made this video...

You had an opinion.

And you expressed it.

You missing the point. I didn't take part in in any drama topic.

Its the stuff he focuses on. All the whining about trolls, haters, and negative stances on Nintendo and their games.

It probably gets a lot clicks and agreeing murmurs in the Nintendofanboy crowd. But I don't like it.

You faulted him for taking part of this conversation. But then you also took part in the conversation by commenting here and throwing your opinion in... getting part of the "drama" too.
I mean... you called what RMC was doing was like white knighting but you're doing that by white knighting against his opinion.

It's just ironic and absurd. My two cents.

So, what color is the shit you're throwing?

Because Consoles Wars.

I think it's good to see the three fight and compete. Brings the best out of them. Just a win-win situation, really.

While I agree with the general sentiment, were talking about a GAME industry. Of course we're going to make a GAME out of winning a summer convention.

Thu Jun 08 17 05:54pm
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Same reason why we see so many "Graphics Comparison" articles nowadays.

The "Console Wars" generate clicks. Unfortunately it's an increasing phenomenon.

If an outlet writes an article saying "Company X wins E3 2017" it is guaranteed to receive a high volume of clicks and views as commenters battle it out in the comments section.

I never understood the whole thing. There's nothing to "Win" at E3. It's more and more irrelevant each year as more and more publishers opt out and It's certainly not as important to Nintendo since they continue to drop big news via Directs.

What does Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo get to "win"? The amount of talk and coverage is nearly identical each year. Many of the games won't be in gamers hands for several years. So when an outlet states one of the big 3 has "won" E3....what did they win?

I just like seeing some new interesting games. I win every year.

It's a multi billion dollar industry that thrives on competition and competitive narratives

What I find the most amusing is that most often than not, the fans of one console will almost always say their favorite won, no matter what was actually shown... I mean, some MS fans said the Cirque du Soleil stunt made the win that E3, when in most places it was taken as it was, a desperate and full of itself attempt of creating a "spectacle" instead of just showing games, and convincing nobody that wasn't already convinced.

So what we're all saying is, Nintendo clearly won E3 2017.

ai rorel
Thu Jun 08 17 11:11pm
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I'll go at this from a different angle:
Because each company has a hard set of marketing-sales-and-customer-care standards. Each of them specialize in feeding their audience specific things. If they weren't, there'd be no point in them being their own company.

So why does one winning matter? Because you believe that one or more of them is mistreating/misunderstanding​ their consumers. So you want to cheer for the one that actually cares "correctly" - so that more people support that treatment towards their customers.

Why do you want someone to win in a custody battle even if either winning means the child is still traumatized in the end? Because you want the one who can actually care for (and hopefully actually cares for) the child properly to be the one to do so.

That's the approach I take, at least.
Microsoft has gone senile with their decisions in recent years. Why do I want them to think they're making the right choice by having them gain the most positive attention in news?

Every company can win E3. Every company can also lose E3. Let's just hope everyone wins and gamers reap all the benefits. Smile

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